I knew something was terribly wrong when...

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  • cognac

    I asked an elder about JCs. I said that it seems to me if you did something wrong and went to 1 cong - you may get d'fed. If you move congs and instead go to the elders in the new hall, you may simply get private reproof. If this was directed by Jeh's holy spirit - shouldn't the outcome be the same no matter which set of elders you go to?

    Ok, your turn...

  • Heaven

    The WTS tried to place the burden of sexual properness and responsibility as a single teenager squarely on the shoulders of the girls. And then tried to tell me I had to live in sujugation of my husband once I got married. This girl's heart, mind, spirit, and soul said:


  • BluesBrother

    I saw enough of it from the inside to know that the Holy Spirit had nothing to do with it ......and that was realised way before I stopped being an elder.

    The more experienced dubs know that too and do not buy the "Party line" on this. They can see it too.

  • Amazing


    You are correct, the outcome should be the same ... it is a serious problem with the JW system of men judging fellow members in this way, and it is entirely un-Biblical. For an account of what can happen between congregations, the following is a true story I reported on JWD which took place when I was an Elder.

    A Sin worse than Apostasy!

    To read the sickening account - Click Here: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/6477/1/JUSTICE-3-Sin-worse-than-Apostasy

  • Spook

    ...I realized all my arguments were circular and all other religions had equally good evidence for their beliefs.

  • trebor

    ...I read that Organ Transplants were Cannibalistic when researching how blood fractions were ok but not whole blood.

  • jaguarbass

    Thats becase when you deal with Jehovah, the devil is in the details.

  • poppers

    If this was directed by Jeh's holy spirit - shouldn't the outcome be the same no matter which set of elders you go to?

    What was their response to this very astute question?

  • excito-are

    When I was told to stop reading the bible as much and read more Watchtowers.

  • flipper

    COGNAC- The outcome depends on the individual personalities of different elders in each congregation. As has been mentioned- holy spirit has nothing to do with how they come to decisions. I'm sure you are aware of that being raised in it by an elder father like me. Many times how they come to a decision on a person committing a serious sin is based just on whether the JC chairman in charge likes you or not - or has a personal vendetta against you. I found this to be true in my case. They chased me all over the countryside 80 miles from where I stopped going to meetings 3 and a half years before. Finally had to play hardball with them in an appeal JC meeting ( which I won and the elders lost ) by threatening them with a lawsuit of slander if they DFed me on no evidence . It's been over 2 years now - and they leave me alone . For that I'm grateful

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