Does this site only make you angrier?

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  • snowbird
    More important to me, is that I found a group of people here, who are as diverse as they can be, the intelligence level is very high (except for Doe, Priest and Burn of course), and we all experienced this huge thing. I will always be effected by being raised a JW. In all kinds of ways. Have you ever seen a tree that had something tied around it when it was young? A rope or something? That rope is now grown inside that tree. There is no getting it out. But the tree has grown around it and thrived anyway. That is how I see most of us.
    Come on over to the fish fries!! Fluff is good for the soul!

    Bek, have I told you lately that I love you?


  • JustHuman14

    I have gone through this stage. Now I love this side and I got really nice friends here

  • ex-nj-jw

    I've been out for 20+ years and could really care less about the crazy JW's. But it never fails when I read a thread about someone being shunned, child abuse or someone who was really dedicated to this cult and is having a hard time dealing with life outside the cult it does piss me off.

    I think how lucky I am that I was strong enough at such a young age and with the responsibilities I had at the time to get out and be my own person. How lucky I was not to ever believe the JW BS and how lucky I am that even if my parents and JW family did shun me I wouldn't give a rats ass.

    You live and learn and move on. Go through the stages, if you are angry be angry get it over with and then settle into being happy. Life has it's up's and downs but all in all life is great!


  • moshe

    We have all heard it since we were kids, " you reap what you sow". Adults who get screwed by the WT org have to accept that the door to the KH always swings both ways. Leaving is always possible and you just have to take your lumps and start over. I was always more mad at myself than anyone in the KH. It just the nature of JW's to be mean and spiteful, so leave them alone and tell others to stay away, too.

  • homeschool

    Thanks for all the comments. I'm just trying to stay aware so I dont get totally wrapped up with things that I'm not personally going through (that's hard to do!) while still caring

  • beksbks
    Bek, have I told you lately that I love you?

    NO! Tell me, tell me!

  • truthseeker

    Homeschool, I feel your pain. You wil never completely be able to leave this all behind because it is part of your life and experience, as I have accepted this. What you can do is what you are doing now, living life and enjoying it, but meanwhile you can increase the distance between the religion and your current life.

    Having active JW family members will always be a constant reminder to you of your fomer life, and it will be challenging at time, but you will learn to cope with it.

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