does anybody remember "marking?"

by stillin 31 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • 3rdgen

    Also, around 1989 I was in a cong who's P.O. happened to be my uncle. He was a stern, self-righteous, by-the-book, ass****. He also gave a marking talk naming the first and last names of 2 brothers who were young teens. The talk included details of what they were accused of: kid stuff, dress, grooming, etc.

    Their mother and father were exceptionally sweet people who were so crushed over the matter that they changed congregations. I heard later, they all quit. Yeaaaaa!

    Thanks, Uncle Frank, you DFed, reproved, marked, counseled, dozens of Dubs right out of the Borg.

  • zeb

    I was so 'marked' as i would answer the wt in my own words and of my own thoughts (heavens!) and experience while others would obediently quote 'the party line'. Later the wts decided that peoples experiences were worth saying so they encouraged this but I noticed as the years went on it was back to the party line but severely.

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