We Were Just Shunned By A Old Friend Who Was Just D'FD Herself For..

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  • vikesgirl101

    In my situation where I have been shunned and rejected, you just feel so guilty that is hard to make eye contact with people. It is like a defense mechanism. You are so used to the hurt, that you put up a wall.

  • restrangled

    Lady LL,

    I agree with vikesgirl....she might have felt so vulnarable, she couldn't deal with it. She might have recognized you and instantly thought "JW" not remembering you were out. You don't strike me as the type person to shun.

    I would not take it personally. There are so many instances where people panic when they feel very exposed to public scrutiny.

    A for instance...nothing to do with JW's. I went to the local grocery store and checked into one of those clinics for cold medicine. The Nurse decided my BP was too high and tried to lock me in the room. She called my husband who was over an hour a way. She told me she would not let me leave.

    I was furious, when she called my hubby, I unlocked the door,threw her money on the table, and ran to my car in the parking lot. As I left, she hung up with my Husband and dialed 911 or the police. As I tore out to the parking lot, a girl stopped me and said hello. I was so panicked I took one look and thought it was my former Dr..I kept thinking how crazy is this, turned my head and got into my car. (After I got home I realized it use to be my next door neighbor, not my former Dr.) (Both Oriental girls.)

    I was mortified, and had no way to contact her to make apologies.

    Please don't take offense, she might have just panicked. You never know what kind of stress a person is under.



    If you want to get back into the JW Cult and your DF`d......You don`t want to be Seen,with People like Yourself!!.........................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Finally-Free

    Be glad. You don't want or need people like that in your life.


  • White Dove
    White Dove


    Do nurses have the legal authority to hold you prisoner like that?!

  • restrangled

    White dove, Apparently so if they feel you are a danger to society or yourself, (ie driving a car) .....imagine my panic after being at the mercy of JC committee....it was virtually the same thing....as I ran to the parking lot, I pictured two guys in the white coats strapping me to a bed against my will. Talk about wanting to avoid a humilating scene!

    My BP was high because I was already on cold medicine, and she made me panic. She kept taking it and it kept getting higher and higher as she threatend at the same time, that she would not let me leave and she was calling 911.



    restrangled,as a nurse I am sorry that happened to you. The nurse should not have treated in a way that made you feel like you were a hostage. We are not trained to treat clients in that manner. Your blood pressure must have have been very high. She should have talked with you calmly and tried to get you to relax. Instead you became very upset and panicked and that made the blood pressure reading worse.

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