Keeping the congregation clean- from the wickedness of the retarded

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  • JimmyPage

    Well I saw my parents again. And I just had to bring up this subject. A certain person I grew up with named "Megan" is disfellowshipped.

    "Mom," I asked, "isn't Megan mentally challenged?"

    "Yes, she is," Mom replied.

    "So they're disfellowshipping the retarded now?" I asked.

    "She's very smart," Mom answered.

    "Megan" is so wicked that her parents won't talk to her or even sit next to her now lest her wickedness make the congregation unclean.

    "Okay, Dad," I said, "let me get this straight. Another guy I grew up with molested a boy in the congregation but now he roams free from congregation to congregation, state to state, endangering more children, and yet a mentally challenged person is deemed so bad that no one can associate with her."

    Dad folded his arms, hands inside, indicating the "I am not listening to reason" posture. I imitated his posture to let him know how arrogant he looked. His body language immediately changed again.

    This cult just continues to sadden me. Anybody else ever heard of disfellowshipping the retarded?

  • carla

    this so needs a bttt!

    a mentally challenged person df'd???!! how will she understand the 'love' that df-ing is supposed to show? what could she have possibly done to merit their brand of love?

    this just pisses me off.

  • Tuesday

    I have not heard of this, I think this might be an elder thing though. I'll be the first to say the elders in your cong must be complete dicks!

  • HintOfLime

    The org's expectations for ordinary people are not reasonable, so why would they be reasonable with a handicapped person?

    - Lime

  • chickpea


    jesus tap-dancing christ...
    don't it make ya wanna choke
    someone and really mean it??

  • nbernat

    A girl with bipolar disorder and a very slight case of Downs was DFed in my Hall not long ago for having a worldly bf...maybe he was the only one who would actually talk to her since no one in the Hall would.

  • Hopscotch

    There was a brother in our circuit (used to be in our congregation) who suffered from Tourettes syndrome. As time went on his condition became worse and he found it extremely difficult to control. Of course as is usual with Tourettes it got to the stage where he ended up swearing a few times at the Kingdom Hall. He was spoken to and counselled about it. He tried to explain to the elders what was causing his problems. Admitedly there wasn't a lot known about Tourettes back then (about 15/20 years ago) but the elders wouldn't believe him. They ended up disfellowshipping him. He appealed with medical information but the elders didn't want to know about it.

    Another couple in our congregation had two children, one of whom was severely autistic. When we moved into the congregation the daughter was about 9 and their autistic son about 5. The boy seemed on the surface quite retarded and was a handful. The parents were told by the presiding overseer not to waste their time on their son, but to put their time and energy into their daughter and making sure she stayed in the truth. He told them that the new system would take care of their son. Because they were very simple, uneducated, obedient type of people they did what the PO said. At least they did until they moved away a few years later and we lost contact with them. That was 20 years ago and of course there has been no new system. Knowing what I do now about autism, there is a lot that can be done for autistic children with early intervention and a lot of therapy. And while many autistic children may seem retarded they are not. How much of a chance of a reasonably normal life has that little boy missed out on because of this PO's personal opinion given as advice from an elder.


  • betterdaze

    This sounds like something out of the Dark Ages.

    I urge you, please report Megan's parents to the authorities, there has to be some law about abusing and/or neglecting defenseless, disabled family members.

    Try The Arc for advice. At the very least, the local police should know what's going on in that family AND the fact that an entire congregation sits by silently condoning it.

    It's not like she is free to leave on her own, she is basically a hostage to these cruel and senseless robots.


  • mraimondi

    mental and emotional issues are SUPPOSED to be considered, however, in my experience they are NOT.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    This sounds like something out of the Dark Ages

    Absolutely like the 2000 year old ancient Israelites would do.

    Are the JWS capable of understanding people with inherit psychological problems,

    or would the ancient Israelites be capable whom the the JWS try to emulate............No.

    The JWS turn back social psychology behavior to ancient biblical times, not necessarily a good idea is that now.

    So many men wanting the divine power of god.

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