What happens if you show up at the DC with no badge?

by JeffT 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • thomas15

    Next question, What do you wear? What "accessories" do you carry in with you (notebook, NWT, pocket protector). How do you act? Should you admit that you are not a dub, just visiting? What are total "no-no's"? Can you shout out "AMEN!"?


  • wobble

    Jeff T,

    I hope you are going to complete the disguise and go dressed as a sister, with the beard they will think you are a long-serving spinster Piosneer !

    (R U writing a book ?)



  • daniel-p

    The Attendants are told to watch out for those sans badges - until they are satisfied they are not intruders intending to cause trouble.

    Depends on whose running the attendants. I've been an attendant for every DC for about ten years in a row (except for the last few) and was never told this. I've also been an "internal watchman", and we still didn't take this stance. The reason is, is that there are thousands of witnesses who don't wear their badges. There's simply no time to get suspsicious of someone who isnt wearing a badge versus someone with "worldy" dress, slovenly behavior, drunk, on drugs, etc.

  • VM44

    Would they notice if one showed up wearing this badge?

  • ziddina

    Thomas15, dress neatly, cheaply (No Armani suits or expensive shoes) and conservatively. Think "Going to church in the 1950's" - If you're a sister, DO NOT wear a hat. I have seen [in the past] sisters wearing hats - very chic! But I suspect that nowadays the brothers would think a sister wearing a hat to an assembly was presumptuous - wearing a 'head-covering' in case no brothers were present to take charge...

    I would suggest going to your local thrift store, buying whatever suit, or dress pants and conservative sports jacket, you would wear to a serious job interview with a very conservative, "old-school" atmosphere... White shirt. Definitely white. A very dark, quiet tie - no loud prints or colors.

    Dark socks, dress shoes. If you carry a briefcase, so much the better - you might add a NWT and a few WTBTS publications for effect, but the briefcase would allow you to carry in several things in an unobtrusive manner - tape recorder, notebook, and so on. You might even be able to bring your lunch to save costs.

    Everyone?? Please double check my advice to Thomas15 - accurate?? Thanks! Zid

  • daniel-p

    Dress like you work at a Verizon store. Cheap slacks, white shirt, loosened tie. No point in dressing any better, since there are so many who dress no better than that as JWs.

  • veen

    Thomas Covenant's Mrs was given some grief by an attendant for not wearing a badge at a DC a year or two ago. She went totally balistic on him by the way.

  • daniel-p

    Thomas Covenant's Mrs was given some grief by an attendant for not wearing a badge at a DC a year or two ago. She went totally balistic on him by the way.

    Probably a kid who took his new job too seriously.

  • VM44

    You can get a suit jacket and matching slacks at Haband.com for under $90.

  • ex-nj-jw

    Don't waste you time or energy. Do something more productive like volunteering for big brothers/sisters, mentor a child, help out at a shelter or soup kitchen. So many productive things to do besides listen to them spout their doom and gloom your gonna die BS IMO.


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