How does the Annointed that survive Har-maggedon get to Heaven?

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  • hamsterbait

    Does anybody remember the teaser for the episode of "Six Feet Under" where the shortsighted Christian woman sees hundreds of helium filled sex dolls ascending, and thinks itis the rapture?

    She stops the car on the highway and jumps out. "I am here Oh My LOrd!" and gets hit by a truck.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    The "Great Crowd" have to beat them to death with a stick....put them outta there misery!

  • cameo-d

    This "rapture" is not the blissful event that people think it is.

    Rape is the root word for Rapture.

    Rather odd that the christians have been brainwashed into believing that this "rapture" is some sort of blissful event where they transform into their new heavenly indestructable bodies. According to actual word meaning it is a rape, not a transformation.

    Funny, rapture is not even in the bible. But christians believe it is. Even if you point out the fallacy of the words existence, many will still defend the concept as being very real and scriptural.

    The first known theological use of the word "rapture" in print occurs with the Scofield Reference Bible of 1909. [ 21 ]

    rapture rapt). Originally of women and cognate with rape (v.). Sense of "spiritual ecstasy" first recorded 1629.
    1600, "act of carrying off," from M.Fr. rapture, from M.L. raptura "seizure, rape, kidnapping," from L. raptus "a carrying off" (see

    I don't think this rapture thing is going to be what people expect.

    Any sort of event like this means that certain people are going to be "taken out".

    And those who are "taken out" will be the ones who are speaking out about corruption and lies.

    Yes, the truth will set you free. It will also get you killed.

    Why do you think Jesus was murdered?

    The "Slaughter of the 10,000 Innocents" which were his followers took place immediately after the crucifixion?

    "Two in the taken..."

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