End of CO's and DO's? Pioneer Change Hours? Apostacy in Bethel/ Chicago? Thoughts on no more Bookstudy...

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  • cognac

    End of CO's and DO's?

    Honestly, if they get rid of them I think the whole BORG will crumble. Nobody's cares about elders the way they do CO's and DO's. Besides, if they don't like an Elder, it's so much easier to just switch Congs to an elder body that's much easier. Remember when you couldn't switch halls unless your Dad or you were an elder if the hall wasn't in your territory? Now, nobody cares that I've seen anyways...

    With all the changes the rank and file have to swallow these past few years, taking away a huge fear factor (CO's and DO's) will make it so much easier for everyone in general to not have to tow the line as much...

    Pioneer Change Hours? / Apostacy in Bethel/ Chicago?

    Anything new with that?

    Thoughts on Bookstudy Change

    I must say that I've noticed a huge change now that there is no more bookstudy. I've noticed people in general slacking of more and some getting into trouble. 1 MS and 1 pioneer getting removed and reproved and others reproved. Nobody seems to care as much like they did before. Guess with the cult crap not being shoved as much down there throats they becoming less cult like.

    That's just what I've noticed. Your thoughts?

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    I agree, if there were no CO anymore it would be devastating to the organization. I hear so many people say "wait until the circuit overseer gets here!" or "you should call the circuit overseer about that" or "this new circuit overseer isn't going to put up with this or that". If they make a local brother that just comes and gives a few talks/ encouragement, there is going to be a whole new brand of royalty power trips. As far as book study change, I don't think many JW's are using it to study. Funny I used to tell family and friends that there are just too many meetings and looked at me like I was the devil incarnate . I guess I was a visionary. My family tries to tell me "oh it's so much easier now with less meetings", so I don't think there is a lot of studying going on. I do think it's giving folks more time and I know of a couple of divorces that I was absolutely shocked by.

  • WTWizard

    There will still be hounder-hounders. However, instead of a whole circuit, the new hounder-hounder will only be responsible for a city or a block of towns. This means that he will make the circuit every 4-6 weeks, instead of 6-8 months. He will also answer to the hounder-hounder-hounder, which is not supposed to be changing. It will also mean even more local variance of different rules.

    The pio-sneer change got cancelled. I guess that was because too many apostates were lambasting them about it.

  • cognac

    There will still be hounder-hounders.

    Yeah, but everybody looks at them as just elders - Not big COs and DOs... Nobody really cares. And if they go more often I think that will backfire because the excitement will quickly wear off. If they did it less often there would be somewhat more excitement about it... When is that supposed to happen?

    The pio-sneer change got cancelled.

    Oh, well...

  • dozy

    I spoke to a CO at the weekend - they still haven't heard about their new assignments yet (normally they hear by the middle of May). He was a bit guarded as to what was happening. Changes afoot , methinks.

  • cognac

    hmmmm, I hope so dozy!!! Let us know if you hear anything else!

  • Albert Einstein
  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    End of CO's and DO's?

    Any idea when?


  • cognac

    End of CO's and DO's?

    Any idea when?

    From what I've heard I thought it was supposed to be this year...

  • freedomreigns

    most likely will happen. i have it on record from a friend that heard personally from a co. A heavyweight DO episcopo has been assigned as a DO for 4 years in the south (2007). reason being that he will overseer the training for elders at patterson for the spanish congs in 2011-12. co mentioned a lot of changes will happen in 2011-12...he openly mentions loving service and that he wouldnt get sad if he were sent as a special pioneer.

    pioneer hours rumors supposedly started by a DO.

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