Mandatory voting in USA

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  • Viviane
    And where was the war that should have ensued against the Rothschilds that were responsible?

  • Kanon
    As predicted, this caused a small stir here in washington dc among faithful dubbies. When i pointed out the branch long ago had addressed this by saying that you would show up, go in the booth and write in "jesus" and call it a day they (three of them I was speaking with) actually looked deflated. They wanted the persecution amd seriously felt this was aimed at jw's. It made my head hurt the rest of the day.

    Yea I have had this from people I know, they want persecution. They want to be tortured and suffer. Maybe it has something to do with proving themselves, or along those lines. But in reality it is just dumb.

    But yea lots of country's around the world where voting is mandatory you show up register and check both boxes or no boxes, they comply with the law but still don't vote.

  • redvip2000

    As for the jokehovians, I believe back in 1999 they were allowed to vote but they could simply put whatever they want on that ballot.

    Even that makes no sense. It's like saying you can go to the army, but just use blank bullets.

  • Miles
    There has been mandatory voting in some countries for years; you just show up and (spoil) don't place an ex on any candidate.
  • SonoftheTrinity
    If I were a ruler of some backwards little isolated Kingdom, I would give the JWs two a tax for being neutral and not loyal to the nation, I would make it their national duty to count the votes as their disloyalty and neutrality would actually be advantageous for such a responsibility. If they wouldn't agree to that, I would give them their own little vatican to which I would deport all of them, so that they wouldn't be polluted by our worldly influence, and my subjects wouldn't be annoyed by their door knocking. I would even give their ambassadors diplomatic immunity, as long as they stayed away from little kids.
  • Fisherman

    seem to be running this country

    Does it make a difference to some whether Popeye the Sailor Man or somebody else seems to be pushing the buttons?

    If voting became compulsory, those choosing to abstain would vote under legal duress, therefore, such election would not be free.

  • Fisherman

    you just show up

    That seems to be reason, not that they want to target those who choose not to vote, but that they want those that would vote but do not (either because they are too busy, they are working, or whatever reason people have not to journey to the booth) to show up to the booth, and such people would vote for someone that they choose once they are compelled to go there. Just like "Jury Duty", you must show up when they call you.

  • little_Socrates

    I want highly informed and motivated voters.

    Who wants the people being forced to vote calling all the shots?

  • Vidiot

    Gosh, it's like "Satan's World" is constantly teasing JWs...


    ...1986, the "Year of Peace" (and Security)... whoops, just kidding...

    ...the secret UN resolution to ban religion... whoops, just an urban legend...

    ...Obama's gonna make us all vote against our will... whoops, just a rumor...


    I swear, at this point, I almost feel sorry for them.

    (not really)

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