Inactive ones are not JWs

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  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    For a while now they have said over and over that inactive ones and those who have left the JW's are all still sheep and are still considered brothers and sisters. They've said this ad nauseam for many years.

    They don't count inactive ones as being an active witness in their numbers each year, but in talks and the Watchtower they have said they are still considered sheep, only lost sheep.

  • sparky1

    Go figure! I haven't been out in field service since 1990 and haven't been to a meeting since last June. Two Elders just woke me up from my nap to invite me to the Memorial. The big KICKER was that they wanted to get my cell phone number and email to update the congregations files in case of a disaster in order to contact me.

    Are inactive ones still considered Jehovah's Witnesses? Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No....................................
  • stillin

    I'm inactive but they still call me "brother." They call ones "brother" who are newly interested but not baptized but coming to meetings regularly.

    on another note: to witness is certainly a verb. But there is a subjective sense,as in giving a witness account, and there is an objective sense, as in witnessing an accident.

    most of us here are witnesses of what is going on in this Organization, but we don't go door to door telling strangers about it! I guess we are Jehovah's Witnesses witnesses.

    ok, I'll stop now!

  • oppostate

    If you want to be inactive and not be held to judicial action by any JW committee, just send the congregation you were last an active member of a letter saying you are exercising your legal right to leave the so-and-so congregation but that your letter of resignation as a member of this congregation is not to be regarded as somehow no longer in association with other JW's.

    You are separating yourself legally from this congregation and reserve the right to join another JW congregation when you find one that you feel would better meet your spiritual needs. Since you are not breaking association with JW's you will consider any effort or threat by the JW elders to disfellowship you as reason to take legal action (as supported in the U.S. by legal precedents such as GUINN V THE CHURCH OF CHRIST OF COLLINSVILLE decision by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, January 1989 and THE NORMAN HANCOCK LAWSUIT of Mesa AZ 1985) to defend your good name and reputation without fear of intimidation or retribution.

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