Class action suit for pain, suffering & discrimination

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  • lettib74

    I am very interested in filing a class action law suit against the Society for pain, suffering and outright discrimination. I know that my situation is not unique one and I have several people who are interested in joining this suit. I have contacted a lawyer in hopes to get the ball rolling.

    Let me sumerize my story for you..... I was born and raised in the organization, baptized at was the "in" thing at the time. At 17 I became pregnant and was disfellowshipped the day after I graduated from High School. I truly believe I was given the boot because I would not answer the elders (3 of them total vs just me) dirty sexual questions. Mind you my mother could not be present because I was 18. I was disgusted by their behavior. I had never spoken to anyone about sex including my own mother. They did not care how uncomfortable I was they just demanded answers to their nasty questions: What did I do sexually with my boyfriend, how did it, what positions, where, how many times, how did it make me feel? Horrible!! I did not answer but instead chose to stand up for myself. Needless to say I was disfellowshipped for “having a bad attitude.”

    At the time my entire huge Mexican family was zealous in the organization. I knew that I would be shunned and not allowed to go to family functions. My family was my life. I was so distraught I contemplated suicide at 7 months pregnant. My son was the only thing that saved me. I endured years of not being invited to family functions, including my own brother’s wedding. I suffered depression and anxiety for many years. Just he other day my grandmother who raised me decided to end all communication with me because I was questioning the rules JW's have on child molestation, making me feel outcast all over again.

    It will be 17 years ago in June that I have been disfellowshipped. I know that my story is not a unique one and that there are several EX-witnesses who have suffered the same pain. We have been slandered publically within the congregations and outcast by friends and family yet the organization preaches God is love but only if you are in good standings with the organization.

    I really feel that this could be big lawsuit in ans outside the US. Please let me know if you might be interested in speaking to me.

  • lettib74
  • leavingwt

    Good luck.

    Sorry about that 1st Amendment and all.

  • lettib74
    lettib74 This gives me hope...

    Also it is my hope that if we get a group of at least 100 or so ex could work.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    You might be confronted with the statue of limitations if this all happened 17 years ago,

    not to make any excuses for the borg, I too think that there might be an opening for people that have suffered this kind of treatment

    thats been orchestrated by an organization such as the WTS religion or not.

    I would focus on two points one being that public humiliation implemented by those particular leaders and

    two the deliberate instigation of destroying your person relationship with your immediate family members.

    You might also want to state that you had no personal choice in joining since you were brought up in it as a child.

    There many other people that got brought up in a religion ( cults ) from birth that were mistreated and had their civil rights taken away.

    Something to think about anyways .......good luck

  • garybuss

    I plan on sending a "Thank You!" card to the Watch Tower Corporation and to all the Witness people I know who personally chose to snub and shun me and people important to me. I'm damn glad they're gone.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Another point possibly to take with you to court is the JWS are very much responsible for instigate hate against other religious groups and those individuals

    that are a part of other religious organizations by proclaiming them evil and falsely guided by Satan. For example if a baptized JWS wanted to

    leave the JWS after some compilation and join another religion of faith that individual would be DF and again that person's family relationship would

    be virtually destroyed. I think the Borg has recently has had some legal problems because of this , they've even written an article in the Awake just

    on this very subject.

  • lettib74

    homerovah, you make some very good suggestions and I appreciate everyone's input GREATLY!!!! Thanks to all of you!

    I just want to add that I do not intend on pursuing this alone. I want to get as many of us involved in this lawsuit as i can. It very easy to ignore 1 person but it wont be easy to ignore a few hundred maybe a thousand........

  • crazyblondeb

    I would be interested in this. You might try contacting Kimberly Norris, from Ft. Worth, TX.

    I believe the name of her firm is Love and Norris.

    She does post here from time to time. She is an attorney that filed some kind

    of suit against them years ago, in California.

    My stepdad finally confessed to the elders, molesting me, after 25 years.

    You can read about it under my topic history from last summer.


  • mraimondi

    sent you a private message

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