Breaking cognitive dissonance - or - how to get Bill Cosby to help a dub see the light

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  • undercover

    Let me preface this by saying, I don't know if Mr. Cosby is guilty of all that he's being accused of. The number of women coming out against him is pretty damning, but no real proof has been offered (that I'm aware of anyway)

    And it is this circumstantial, hearsay evidence that can actually play into the hands of someone trying to get a JW to grasp the seriousness of the child abuse claims in the JW religion.

    How so?

    Well, in my JW family, the standard reaction to the Cosby mess is one of acceptance of his guilt. Too many accusers, and too many tales from insiders for there to not be some truth to the accusations. They're saddened by it. He was a good TV dad, and seemed like a 'clean' stand up comedian that they could enjoy. But if the accusations are true, then, well, no more Cosby Show reruns, no more stand up records, no more live shows. He is no longer considered suitable entertainment.

    Yet, when a (or if) a JW sees news reports and expose stores on child abuse within the WTS/JWs, they stick their head in the sand. Why not the same reaction as to the Cosby revelations? We know the answer to that, but could open dialogue with that JW, who gave up supporting Cosby, yet still defends the WTS, you can ask them to compare the situations.

    "You no longer support Cosby, with no absolute proof even, but yet, when JWs are sentenced and imprisoned; when the WTS is found negligent, and ordered to pay millions, how can you continue to support an organization that IS guilty? Without evidence or a court case, you've judged Cosby, yet after many court cases, and judgments against JWs and the WTS leadership, you continue to defend them. How can you do that?"

    Would it work? Who knows, depending on the level of cognitive dissonance. Yet, I saw a glimmer of light in one JWs eyes that made the connection. That one little doubt could lead to more doubts and questions. In time, with critical thinking skills, it could lead to a JW to judge the WTS guilty, and walk away from ever supporting them again.

  • DesirousOfChange

    If there was better media exposure of the JW abuse cases, I think more "thinking" JWs would sit up and pay attention. But how many JWs watch PBS or stay up for Nightline? They're too busy watching reality TV shows.

    I think there are many JWs asking question (whispering) about many of the New Lite issues and donation issues and increased fees for Assm Halls, and yet, the Conti trial. But they are afraid to be seen as "murmurers" or "doubting the Organization". They don't want to lose their social connections.


  • talesin

    It's a great analogy, and to a logical person, would make sense. But, no, I don't think it would open the eyes of a JW. Either they are ready, or they are not.

    Hey, even in the negative, it works, though. If a JW is ready to see TTATT, then, yeah, this could be the 'drop in the bucket'.

    Good stuff!

  • flipper
    UNDERCOVER- I like your idea. It's certainly worth a try as not much else seems to open JW's eyes to the realness of WT child abuse going on. It's a good way to employ Steve Hassan's methods to get Witnesses to think. Thanks for the idea- I'm going to try it next time I talk with a JW
  • SAHS

    Most JWs, even if they were to see Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon reporting live on CNN about anything to do with the sex abuse scandals and coverups in the WTS, they would probably just say something like, “Oh, that’s just from apostates; it’s all lies to discredit the organization.” Some JWs would probably think that the “apostates” are working in cahoots with CNN and all the rest of the media. Yep. It’s all a conspiracy from Satan the Devil to JWs. No matter what, their precious WT organization is Almighty God’s only spirit-directed organization – the only one that has the truth, don’t you know.

    But, funny thing, back during the O. J. Simpson trial, my mom said that a lot of the African and Jamaican sisters were telling her that he was definitely innocent, no doubt about it. I guess you just can’t mess with a JW’s pet hero, no matter who that might be.


    There will always be a Double Standard in Watchtower World..

    If Bill Cosby wants a Clean Slate with the JW`s..

    All he has to do is get Baptized as a JW.......Problem solved..


    .......I`m a JW Now.....So............................We Know Your Innocent Bill..

    ..That Makes Me Innocent!................Your Last Cash Donation Proves It!..

    ...Image result for Old bill cosby......................Image result for Watchtower anthony morris

  • smiddy


    That is classic .

    How many JWs watch PBS or stay up for Nightline ? They`re too busy watching reality TV shows .

    And I agree with talesin its a great analogy , and certainly worth a try if one gets the opportunity .


  • stuckinarut2
    Great reasoning!
  • done4good

    Generally, calling someone on or pointing out areas that should cause their cognitive dissonance does not work, (immediately). The immediate response is almost always some kind of mental shut down.

    Longer term though, I believe this can work. It plants a seed. Whether that seed will germinate depends on other factors outside of our control. To push beyond the seed planting phase of this, will almost certainly backfire.

    If done carefully, and kept brief, I believe this approach can work long term.


  • jhine

    I'm just thinking that there is then a problem if he is found innocent . Witnesses will flip the situation and say " see lots of accusations do not add up to guilt , people just had it in for him because he is black/, famous /, rich /; just like apostates have it in for us "


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