How to deal with Shadow Boxers!

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I have one. He/she shows up, makes a post on a thread directed to me. Then back in the shadows.

    A couple years back I had one too. This could be the same one - who knows. This shadow boxing match moved to an off-forum ring. But still the same nonsense. Bob and weave from behind the shadows. I can't see who/what I am fighting. And the fighting seems unfair that way. Besides, all the jabs are being landed as if I am blinded by the dark. All the time insults are being thrown ruthlessly, with the invitation to 'fight back'.

    So, I stepped into the shadows more deeply, and landed a punch that was unexpected. THe shadow boxer saw that I did not box from the same position of fear that he/she did. That I was unwilling to allow an unfair fight to continue. I threw a dominant right, then an uppercut, trying to sent my hidden opponent into the light that streams from reality. My defensive stategy was offense - an offense that is never expected from those who hide in the shadows. Much as a rapist/thief who jumps from the bushes to assail the unwary passerby, shadow boxers do the same. When mace or a brandished weapon appears, they also flee like a coward.

    So as I weave about the shadows, I am no longer to be listed as unsure of the attacker or his motives. I have located my prey, and my punches sting more than his.

    Shall we continue into a second round, or a third. Will he/she just flee like the coward in the shadows? Or will the bell sound as she/he throws the towel? Was it an honest challenge? Or did the shadow boxer expect me to take a dive? Will we clench and just remove the gloves?

    We shall see.

    And so it goes.


  • ninja

    G for illustrations jeffster..........p.s....just kidding.........I'm in your corner........

  • gubberningbody
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Aren't you too old for imaginary friends.....shadow boxers are called DEMONS!!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    This one is more of the stalker type.



    AK-Jeff..There are always going to be Crazies..Especially here!..LOL!!..................Wanna drive a nut case crazy?..Don`t take them seriously...............................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • mraimondi

    yeah, i think you need to let go of the whole "boxer" mentality.

    unless you are talking about fighting yourself, that is.

  • rebel8

    Simple solution: PM a few of your friends here with the poster's name and we'll gang up on him. j/k

  • mraimondi

    theres enough gangs here

  • Kudra

    Who is it??

    Name names! Name names!

    Public shaming! Public shaming!

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