The desert god is a real A hole in this weeks bible reading

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  • _Morpheus

    So this week dubbies read that the mean bad philistines were punished by the desert god for having his ark. The desert god punished them with (drum roll please)....... Hemroids and rats. Yep. The all powerful god of heaven and earth punished his peoples oppressors and the people who stole his precious ark with hemroids and rats. Hmmmmmm...

    Ok the desert god dosent seem overly powerful there nor does he seem particularly creative. A lack of fiber can cause hemroids, no need for an all powerful diety to smite you on that and rats have been a plauge on civilization long before the philistines stole the golden fleece, er, ark.

    But lets put that aside for a moment..... What happens next is where it really shows what an A hole he is.....

    After giving the villians hemroids and rats as punishment, they get the hint and decide to send the golden fleece, er ark, back to our heros. They put it on a cart pulled by cows and send it on the road back to an isrealite villiage. The cart pulls up and the faithful isrealites see it and are overjoyed! As perscribed by the desert god they get some levites (from where we arnt told) who pick up the ark and they have a huge sacrifice to show how happy they are that they got the ark back.

    What does the desert god do in return......? He kills 50,070 of them for the "sin" of having LOOKED AT THE ARK!!!! What the hell???? You mean to tell me that the desert god MAKES the bad guys send the ark back and then kills HIS OWN PEOPLE, the "good" guys, because they saw the ark as it came back????? And the only punishment the bad guys got for the EXACT same "crime" (looking at the ark) were hemroids and rats?

    im sure ive read this before but it really struck me last night what a complete asshole the desert god is.

  • bohm
    You got to admire the curiosity of the ancient jews. It must have been a fairly sizeable pile of bodies that had to be climbed near the end of it in order to look into the ark.
  • bohm

    Here is an explanation:

    Since God's presence was on/over the ark, they were actually coming into the presence of God - and without the least sense of reverence towards him, since they decided to poke around and play with his throne! Is it any wonder they died?

    I imagine the author was choosing between this explanation and "BECAUSE REASONS!".

  • antes8080

    the most loving god ever cant wait to live in paradise for ever under his rulership.

    am glad jesus learn so much from him.

  • floriferous

    God is a very disturbed character.

  • Finkelstein

    Those ancient Hebrews sure could bullshit couldn't they ?

    But in realization most ancient civilizations bullshitted about how powerful and great their god(s) was including the ancient Hebrews. .

  • _Morpheus
    Bohm, thats complete horse manure. If thats the case then why didnt he kill the bad guys??? All they got was hemroids and rats. Clearly it dosent pay to be on the desert gods team.
  • bohm

    Actually the bible would instantly improve if they replaced 1&2 samuel with the plot of game of thrones..

    Do they actually say hemoroids at the kingdom hall? Is there some sort of explanation or is it just presented as "facts of life"?

  • freemindfade

    Just like the benevolent loving father figure everyone wants to believe he is. *puke* Stories like this from the Bible and the Koran create dangerous ideas and thinking in people. Worshipping someone who would have asshole actions entitles you as a listen, obey and be blessed type to be the same way... or better as voltaire said it:

    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. - Voltaire

  • JamesThomas

    And still today billions of people unquestionably believe that this painfully brutal and infantile deity is responsible for all life and universe.

    Gives me hemorrhoids just thinking about it.

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