Ever Think About This One? Another Bible Contradiction

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  • freemindfade

    There is more evidence to support evolution than christ. Volumes! as in your genetic code. And as most religious people you say "turning to atheism". No one turns to atheism, or looks to atheism for answers! It doesn't work that way, but you are so brainwashed by religion its the only way you can understand it.

    Atheism is religion like abstinence is a sexual position. Does that help to understand?

    No one is turning to it, or looking to it to answer all their questions. Its just a coming to terms with things that are facts and things that are not, that is all! Religion is the answer to the question nobody asked.

    If christ knocks on my door tomorrow, and I am 100% sure its him, we can have a chat. Until then he is about as real to me as batman. Context doesn't matter, the NWT and most bibles have had the various languages and story telling massaged into a semi cohesive manner that still contradicts itself. The truth is the over the centuries "the bible" was made up of much larger libraries of books, its been created dude to suit political and national agendas all along.

    Talk to me about context of the book of the dead that belonged to the Egyptians, because the oh so wonderful 10 commandments were in it first. Or many of the proverbs also came from Egypt, or how the book of Esther is actually the retelling of a pagan story. Or how most the NT was probably written by paul and others, supposedly 100 years after Jesus was gone. This could go on for days, how about how many different versions there were of the book of Daniel? There were a few, they chose the one I think with the least amount of fantastic stories in it.

  • yogosans14

    I've read the bible and the original Greek and first off let me say it doesn't match the NWT at all. Anyways so i read a real bible like the NIV and without a doubt I know it's true. I know what it means to be saved. Paul said "I preach Christ crucified" while JWs teach the gospel is not about Christs death and reserruction. According to 1 John 5:1 everyone who believes Jesus is the son of God is born again. I know I am born again, redeemed, and a citizen of heaven because the Holy Spirit (the real person not a force) bears witness with my spirit this truth.

    this is my belief. I do not believe the earth appeared out of nothing. At least Jehovah's witnesses got that right.

    god bless.

  • Crazyguy
    Yogosans, I was right there with you until I stumbled across a mentioning while doing bible research on the Canaanite god named EL. So this perked my interests and finally decided to research the topic. Well I tell you the house of cards all fell down for me after this and all the other ancient religion subject matter I researched in the last 3 years.
  • jhine

    I'm reading the posts and trying to unpick what is going on . What do garden gnomes have to do with the price of fish ? I feel like I'm in trouble for NOT agreeing with WT doctrine .Freemind is your wife still active ?

    I also feel damned if I do and damned if I don't LOL Witnesses are always being accused of taking verses out of context and when I suggest that a verse be put into context I am told that is wrong . !

    I can only come at this from my own perspective and apologise if that is not satisfactory .

    I must be missing something here ( particularly the bit about gnomes )


  • freemindfade

    Garden gnome was an illustration to show the sensativity of possibly possessing an idol. Like maybe when I was younger if I wanted to put a poster of a basketball player on my wall. Some jw's would say bad bad bad. Idol worship. When I didn't bow to it. Or really worship. Respecting someone's talent and wanting to emulate their jump shot us not idolatry. But the point is lost. If some did want to bow down to a garden gnomome I sat go for it! Because there is know guy in the sky worrying about it. Do I think idols are silly? Yep! Do I think having one deserves Goss wrath? Nope. And the fact that one minute he is killing people for worshipping him through a golden calf then commanding then to do it through a golden box with angels on it. You be the judge

    And yes wife is still in. Using her as an example of what you everyday witness would think.

  • Absalom

    How about in the bible study this week they talked about how Jesus loved kids, yet we await a future time when Jesus is going to execute kids because their parents do not read the Watchtower!

    I can feel the love right there!

  • SonoftheTrinity
    The reason for the contradiction is that Exodus was really written by Moses while Deuteronomy was rewritten during the Captivity under influence from the Zoroastrians. The Zoroastrians liked the Jews, and the Jews liked the Zoroastrians, which is why Cyrus is such a popular name and some scholars say that Cyrus was a gentile forerunner of Christ. Mormons have the most similarities with Zoroastrians, while Christadelphians, followed by Jehovah's Witnesses have the least.
  • jhine

    Thanks Freemind for the explanation ,I had started to think that I had somehow strayed into the Twilight Zone . I think that we will have to agree to disagree over what constitutes worship .though I do agree with your point about respecting someone's talent is different to worshipping them .

    This makes me smile because the WT accuses Jews of being superstitious for not saying the name of God out loud but then think it wrong to have a little man made of plaster fishing in a pond ! I understand that all JWs don't go quite that far but you get my meaning .


  • freemindfade
    Or to even say "good luck" to someone when you dont even literally mean that, it's just "I hope for the best for you"
  • Phizzy
    I like the simple point made by your O.P , FMF, that is simply one hell of a contradiction !

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