Ever Think About This One? Another Bible Contradiction

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  • freemindfade

    8“‘You must not make for yourself a carved image+ or a form* like anything that is in the heavens above or on the earth below or in the waters under the earth.-Deuteronomy 5:8

    18 You are to make two cherubs of gold; you will make them of hammered work on the two ends of the cover.+ 19 Make the cherubs on the two ends, one cherub on each end of the cover. 20 The cherubs are to spread out their two wings upward, overshadowing the cover with their wings,+ and they will face each other. The faces of the cherubs will be turned toward the cover. -Exodus 25:18-20

  • jhine

    Deuteronomy 5:9


    The issue is idol worship .The Israelites did not bow down and worship the cherubim . As ever it is about context .


  • freemindfade

    Is that how it is treated though? Even today? How many people bow down to a cross?

    What about moses and the copper snake? Which was later torn down when they were once again purging pagan worship?

    And maybe they weren't bowing down to the ark, but was it not an item of worship???

    8 Then Jehovah said to Moses: “Make a replica of a poisonous* snake and put it on a pole. Then when anyone has been bitten, he will have to look at it in order to keep alive.”9 Moses at once made a serpent of copper and put it on the pole, and whenever a serpent had bitten a man and he looked at the copper serpent, he survived

    later on

    4 He was the one who removed the high places,+ smashed the sacred pillars, and cut down the sacred pole. He also crushed the copper serpent that Moses had made;+ for down to that time the people of Israel had been making sacrificial smoke to it and it used to be called the copper serpent-idol.

    Its an interesting thing when we talk about context or even interpretation. Our minds adapt to make the reality that exists in our mind (ie; blue dress, white dress). Reality is pieced together in our mind. Colors don't exist except how our brains interpret light reflecting off our world around us and the colors are plugged in, in our mind to make what we see as reality. There are many more examples with speech, hearing, site, and so on that our mind bridges gaps and adapts to give us our reality.

    When I read Duet 5:8, 9... I see it saying don't make a carved image *period*. also don't bow down to one. Another person will see them run together. Don't make a carved image to bow down too.

    A super intelligent God, would never give us the dribble of the bible that needs to be interpreted and so easily misunderstood because he would know how our minds constantly fill in gaps to give us a reality our mind is already looking for. He would have to know how we work and understand that if you give the world a bible you are going to have millions (hyperbole) different denominations.

  • jhine

    Christians do not worship the Cross , and the Israelites were not told to worship the copper (or bronze ) snake . Only to look at it . May be at some point when idol worship was being practised the snake was seen as a god in it's own right , and worshipped.

    Worship is to do with where your heart is .People can worship money or power .It is not.just about physically bowing down in front of an object .


  • freemindfade

    According to you.

    If I put a false idol in my house, lets say of Buddha, but I am not worshipping it, or bowing down to it, my wife would freak out, the congregation would banish me and so on.

    What about putting pictures of angels around my house?

    What about good luck charms?

    The bottom line is this, pagan and monotheistic practices can't help but be interwoven into the bible. The bible has contradictions. Think about it, why put an image of an angel on it at all??? Why make an image of a snake??? It makes no sense


    Right on! Dubs can't even have garden gnomes.


  • Crazyguy

    Here's my take on it, Satan is supposed to be the serpent so why would God make his people look at one later for salvation? Then they had to later go out in the desert to destroy the pole with the copper snake because people were going all the way out there to worshipped it, really?

    In the exodus story Aaron makes a golden calf but then says tomorrow let's have a feast for Jehovah. So clearly the calf is a Idol of Jehovah because your not going to worship a Idol one day and another God the next. The writer of the book is just letting no us know God doesn't want a metal representation of him.

    Then let look at the book of Duetoronomy this is the book that really tells us that the Jews should worship only one God. But wait this book was apparently lost and not found until Hezekias kingship or some other king but it was like several hundred years later if I'm not mistaken. Anyway this maybe the most important book of all and they loose it and jah doesn't tell anyone where it is. It's all just bat shit crazy!!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    In the Muslim world ISIS is the most strict in its interpretation of what constitutes 'idolatry'.

    They have destroyed monuments and tombs of revered Muslim martyrs. They refer to those Muslims who pay homage to their saints and martyrs to be "rock worshippers".


  • freemindfade
    Crazyguy. Great points. I think it was Josiah. And I believe some critics have suggested the whole ot was made up at that time for political reasons.
  • yogosans14

    Nope. Your ignoring the context. It's a shame to see so many ex jws turning to atheism instead of Christ :(

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