In the Jehovah's Witness New Forum on face book they can't take the heat

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  • WTWizard

    I predicted that would happen. For a pro-witless forum to remain pro-witless, they have to have strict rules (and, believe me, they are a LOT stricter than anything on this forum ever would be). Every post that doesn't match the current understanding of the Washtowel Slaveholdery has to be modified or deleted. Older posts have to be edited every time there is "new light", with the editing stamp removed so people cannot tell that it was edited. Otherwise, there would be nothing to stop people from going back to early posts and finding that the whole religion is a scam.

    Those boards have two choices. One, they can remain pro-witless. If they do that, they will sound like a boasting session chat, and soon fizzle. Those kinds of boards tend to have few innovative posts, and the mods have a lot of work to clean up and update topics and posts--any derogatory terms against the religion, anything that could expose the religion as a fake, or any God-hating discussion has to be removed to preserve the illusion that it is the true religion (and the posters eventually banned, to keep them from "polluting" the board with things that could get active witlesses to think). It is extremely high maintenance, and the boards tend to die out when the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger cracks down on that kind of discussion boards.

    Or, they can change. They can start accepting critical comments against the religion. As such, they can grow. Some become Christian discussion boards for general Christian discussion. Others become a forum to discuss the religion, and other religions, from both sides of the story. Relatively few become a free-for-all, and the ones that do usually fizzle.

  • bob1999

    middleman, that is the group that just kicked me out.

    Rebecca was real nice, at first. Even when she would delete my posts she would say in an email "the JWs made her do it".

    Kimberly is just a WTS puppet. She has no mind of her own.

    Then there's Colin. Real stubborn without any understanding of the bible.

    At the end James came on board. He freely admits the "mistakes" of the GB but still believes the JW is the only turth. James is very full of himself. He can babble on for pages and never really say anything.

    Eric is the one having big doubts ever since the 1995 generation change.

    I think Eric represents a lot of JWs these days.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Has Eric been invited over here?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    They just kicked me out last night. I posted a thread asking who was going to bury the 99% of the population that don't follow the WTB&TS. A guy comes on and says that it's a blessing from Jehovah that they won't have to touch the "filth," and none of the "filth" would deserve proper burials. I replied that I thought the public would want to know he views them as filth, all the teachers, doctors, soldiers, policeman, and others who devote their lives to helping society, they would want to know that they're filth that don't deserve a burial. I then asked what kind of person laughs and smiles while people are dying all around them, and posted one of those freaky pictures from a JW book. I was polite and didn 't call anyone names, but I'm gone this morning. ;-)

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    well I guess it's fun for them to play "Elder", and boot people off.

  • bob1999

    I didn't invite Eric over here. I wish I had. Now I can't.

    I think Eric might just find this an interesting place.

    He is strugling with all the flip-flops.

    If anyone is still on the facebook site, please invite Eric over.


  • Farkel

    :BTW I should not have said "I" left the most vocal JW with nothing to say. It was God's Word, not me.

    No. It was you. "God's Word" is even more wacky than the JWs. For example, please explain Numbers 31 to us and tell us why all that genocide except for the little virgin girls to keep and rape for sex slaves has anything to do with "God."


  • middleman

    Open for bizness again....I'm a mod again hehe...I'll be doing some changing soon.

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