Niece is getting baptized this summer..Advice

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  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Yes it's a very good idea you never say anything negative about the org directly, but rather speak to a general call to being "well informed" or something like that. I knew somebody had to be encouraging her, people just don't decide one day that have to take the plunge!

    The last thing you need is for her to think that you are an agent of satan. When somebody is in the works towards baptism they are told over and over again satan is going to use people to try an break their faith. Don't fall into the trap of fulfilling that lame, fake, and predictiable "prophecy". There are many ways around it and I'm sure you'll do well.

  • viva

    Like elsewhere said, make sure she knows what shunning means and that she will be putting herself at risk of that. Tell her that if in the future she makes a mistake, or she realizes she doesn't agree with something the JWs teach, that she could be shunned by her own parents.

  • outofservice

    Thank You all for the great advise. I think the main points we need to remember are. Nothing negative don't want to feed the big apostate monster.

    Impress upon her the importance of her decision, shunning ,loss of family members etc...

    I would love to get Ray's book in her hands and also to get her to look at the Silent lambs web site. We just have to be careful because as you know they see it as poison and won't touch it. So maybe with patience and waiting for the right moment.

    She has to have her own ah-ha moment.

    We will call her this weekend and I will post an update

    Thanks Again All


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I would caution against Silent Lambs, only because it can be quite heavy. Stick with Rays books IMO. They come in PDF computer files by the way. A great option IMO.

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