Confusion over the parable of the prodigal son

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  • snugglebunny

    Isn't the bigger issue that the father forgave the son even though the son was not truly repentant but he only came back because he was hungry?

    Kind of blows the "shunning" practice to bits doesn't it? The father should have shunned the son until he was "truly" repentant.

    Also bear in mind that the father ran to meet his son. He didn't wait to see how repentant his son was before calling for a feast!

  • JeffT
    Economy: I agree with your subject line, you're confused about the intent of this parable.
  • poopie
    Intresting I called broklyn bethel and asked them this question does the illustration of the prodigal son apply to disfelowshipped persons the guy from the writing department flat out said no it does not. After a picked my mouth off the floor I aske him a second time to make sure he understood question he said no it does not so my reply to him was your kidding right he said no it does not apply that was in july 2014
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    We forget about the older son. I may be a little upset also.

    His younger brother (lost son) had a fun time, women, getting high

    living the fast life. Notsurewheretogo mention "he came back because

    he was hungry". Hell his ass was out, he was damn near homeless.

    So we have the older brother who had been serving his father and Jehovah

    for years, never transgressed your commandment at any time and you never

    gave me a young goat. My young brother comes back and don't have a pot

    to piss in and you treat him like a king. Pop that's BS.

    Don't you get it, he only came back because he had no where to go.

    Well hell, I'm going take my funds and blow it and I will come back when I'm broke.

    Job lost everything for being faithful but received much more, this brother couldn't

    get a decent Rib eye steak.

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