Telling Parents About TTATT

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  • ivanatahan

    Thanks guys for the excellent advice!

    How old are you?


    I won't disclose any personal information, such as age, but if you really want to know, just PM me.

    If you are Baptized then minimize your involvement with the JW's as much as possible. Get through HS and plan on University or at least a two year degree in something that would allow you to make enough money to complete your education.
    If you are not Baptized all the better. You can try to put in as little time as possible re meetings and FS.

    I am baptized, unfortunately.

    Tell your dad you would like a bible study with him, then while studying ask little questions that he can't answer as a JW. Bring up scriptures that blow up thier dogma and ask dad to explain. Plant seeds while studying, this is how others got thier families out.

    I like this idea, but I'm not sure if I'm prepared enough to do something like this.

    Everyone else:

    I think I will talk to other people about this, and I have discussed this with my sister. She's been willing to actually fund my college tuition fees and provide a place to live when she moves out of the house, so that's a good place to start (though it would pain me to leave my parents in such a way). I do see reason to understand that my parents won't learn TTATT by my sister's and my tactics, considering any evidence or proof can be easily "disproved" by the JW circle-logic. I would ask them questions about the WT false teachings, but it would make them think I'm on to something, considering I rarely (if ever) discuss WT teachings. My father never does, either, and he's an elder!

  • OnTheWayOut
    You are baptized and Dad is an elder. Dude, you will almost certainly have to figure out how to do this without parents' help. Just try to keep them in your life and don't try to wake them up by badmouthing/questioning JW teachings.

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