The Last Cup [please add an ending]

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Good morning, fellow posters and friends:

    Please use your imagination to complete this little tale. Several endings came to me while drinking my morning cup of coffee on the patio.



    The early morning breeze gently rumpled the glistening crowns of new spring growth on the stately black oaks in my forested glen. Hands wrapped tightly around my chipped but still serviceable old coffee mug, I tried to gather a little warmth for my bare hands and arms. While savoring the last mouthful of robust French roast, I sat shivering on a rusty patio glider and watched the remnants of tattered shreds of cloud scud away. Another aborted rain storm; nothing short of a miracle will end this four-year California drought. No March miracle in the works . . .

    This state of meteorological affairs only heightened my personal sense of sadness -- despair? -- that this oh so "good-to-the-last-drop" cuppa would be my last.

    You, dear reader, may wonder why . . .

  • nicolaou

    You, dear reader, may wonder why my account sounds familiar. An old history lesson, half remembered from long past school days perhaps? No matter. The past has a habit of raising its head and glancing at us when we least expect it.

    The droughts of 2015 will be recalled and debated but in the end, the only real lesson learned in the forty three years we've struggled through since then is that, in truth, we never really learn at all.


  • 3rdgen
    In our area (about 200 mi north of Sac) we had at least two inches of drought fall just in the last couple of days. We have had steady precipitation all season. I say this while sipping Pikes Place roasted and ground by Starbucks. :)

    This state of meteorological affairs only heightened my personal sense of sadness -- despair? -- that this oh so "good-to-the-last-drop" cuppa would be my last.

    You, dear reader, may wonder why . . .

    ........................There`s No Lettuce On a..

    ............McDonalds Double Quarter Pounder?..

    ...........Image result for mcdonald's quarter pounder


    Good Morning Coco!..

    I know it`s not what you were expecting....But.....It is Imaginative..

    In a Bizarre kind of way..LOL!!..

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    You dear reader you may wonder why someone such as myself is living in this drought prone part of the world. Without going into great detail, detail that I fear would reveal much about my own character, I will simply tell you this and say no more.

    When my Grandfather left the old country and ventured his way to this unknown land, it wasn't because he was poor or starving or lacking in any way as was so often the case with immigrants in his day. It was really quite the opposite in fact. The leaving of his ancestral home and all he had coming to him as the eldest son, was precipitated by a great uproar of voices, the slamming of doors and the sound of hooves on a rain soaked earth as he galloped off into the night on horseback.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, nicolaou, 3rdgen, OUTLAW, and PeteZ:

    Imaginative and thought-provoking!

    My thought was I'm converting to Mormonism.


  • talesin

    It has been 13 days since I was able to get a broadcast on my short-wave radio. The last I heard, there were ships hovering over major cities all over the world ... my own, beloved LA, New York, Tokyo, London. It's hard to fathom.

    From my viewpoint in the mountains, the haze over the city is starting to dissipate, but I fear that there are few survivors of the initial attack. For now, my mission is to build a long-term shelter, and learn to live off the land.

    Once I have that accomplished, I will seek out other survivors.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
    ...I've always enjoyed the darkening of skies; the slate gray that envelopes and the falling rain that baptizes my very soul. It renews me, it invigorates me, it is what makes me feel...alive.
  • prologos
    -- wonder why I consider abandoning my california Dream, endless summer and pack up and part for quarters blessed with abundant rain up I-5, or Vermont. Maine. where it rains not just in the plain.
  • Hairtrigger

    ...I stare at the dregs at the bottom of my cup - a metaphor for the darkness that scrapes the dry casks of my mind.?

    I raise my eyes upward, to seek answers from the hapless whisps of white, battling to stay their place against the blaze of fury that mocks with fire -a voiceless scream against a flaming blunder...When suddenly , I behold , high up in the ether, looking down with eagle eyes, wild and free; the tonsured monarch, who neither drought nor flood daunts, as he searches for life among the rocks far down below -life that sustains life ; life that mocks the lie that is death!

    And I laugh, my spirit soars, reaching to embrace that great lord who defies the inevitable. Clears my mind of the dark illusion ,that life must end. For life never ends even when the last breath is drawn.

    And as for the last drop drained? A mere signal that it's time-- for another cup from the elixer -that is life still undead!!

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