I Need advice on Women.

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  • RedhorseWoman

    Additionally, if we stay dark and mysterious, we are more likely to get good gifts. LOL

  • Frenchy

    Spec, I don't believe that a woman's heart can be conquered and I don't beleive they are ever truly yours. Hearts have no bridles. We have so precious little to say about their wanderings. Oh, we can deny them for a while, even a long while but what a price we pay for that! At times we indulge them and we pay a price for that too. So what to do about them? Are they treacherous? No, just so very childlike with no thought to responsiblity. Hearts want. Hearts can be jealous, hearts can be cruel, hearts have no concern about anyone or anything but themselves. But what would we be without them???

  • spectromize


    I believe you're referring to real gorgeous women, life is so easy for them, geez just one look from a gorgeous woman and us suckers are ready to open our wallets!

  • spectromize

    Dear SevenofNine,

    I agree with you to a certain point, for we all have diffrent needs. Sometimes it has to do with a meeting of the minds to cure that loneliness. I've seen real tall handsome men with nothing upstairs and likewise with women, I personally have felt very lonely in my last relationship, she was really a good looking girl, but there is no way I could be with her.

  • teenyuck


    These posts are so funny!!

    Everyone seems to be trying to hard to be JWish...

  • berylblue
    My advice ? BE YOURSELF !

    Simon is right. Be yourself. At times, we may have to be a better, more attentive "self" than we normally would be, but don't ever feign something you are not. I can't speak for all women, but I know many find artificiality a big turn off. Not that you would do that, but just so you know.

    You seem very sincere, intelligent, kind and caring. Those are very appealling qualities. Good luck to you!


  • teenyuck

    Rosemarie, your advice is very nice.

    This post is 3 years old though. I stumbled upon the first pages and started reading.

    They are talking about dating "brothers" and "sisters"

    I thought it was cute how far some of the posters have come!

  • berylblue
    I think in all fairness she should of told me after the length of time we dated

    Yes, she should have, but this sort of subject is extemely difficult to discuss, as the "sufferer" has no idea how others will react when she reveals her "illness". More than likely, she has gotten reactions ranging from disbelief to denial ("no, you're not like that") to horror and everything in between. No wonder emotionally ill persons are not inclined to tell others. It's still considered a sign of weakness (as though someone would choose to be this way) at best, and carries a tremendous stigma.

    I do the exact opposite. Within three dates, I usually let a man know that I have had some psychiatric DXs. Excessive? Perhaps, but I feel it's better to get it out of the way as soon as possible. If he wants to head for the hills, that's fine with me. No one can ever say I didn't warn him....


    Apparently, Tim isn't going anywhere anytime soon.....

  • COMF
    what is a good approach without sounding to cheesy?

    Just look her right in the eyes, oozing sexuality, and ask, "Hey... you don't have any diseases I could catch, do ya?"

  • ApagaLaLuz

    The line that always gets my attention is 'can I pee in your butt?'

    ..... kidding of course. :) It depends on what situation you're in. When I'm in a club/bar atmosphere it is much easier for me to approach someone. I think women are changing and it's becoming more acceptable for women to approach men. When I'm 'out' I hate a cheesey line, or some stinky creep try to hump my leg on the dance floor. Usually if I'm standing around by myself and they come over to ask a question. If I'm in a group of people jump on in the conversation. If you're creepy I'd politely excuse myself to the bathroom or somewhere. If they're not creepy I'll always be polite.

    If you already know the person, for me I tend to be more timid. I'll almost never come right out and say something if there is an attraction, unless it is clear the guy will never say anything. I agree with everyone else. Be yourself, no cheesey lines, dont try too hard, if you're nervous say so. Remember that most of teh time the girls are just as awkward if not more so than so

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