I Need advice on Women.

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  • spectromize

    Okay, here is a few questions concerning women that I would like a little help with.

    Supposing your trying to get some lady's attention because your interested in her, what is a good approach without sounding to cheesy?

    Another question is how do you know and what are the indications that the girl is taking interest in you, and what are the indications she wants you to take a hike?

  • RedhorseWoman

    Getting someone's attention? Well, I was always partial to "Hi, how are you? My name is....etc. etc." Then, perhaps ask her out for a cup of coffee.

    If she says "yes" to the invitation, she is probably interested. If she declines the invitation, she might actually be busy. Try again. If she continues to decline the invitation, she is probably not interested.

  • Simon

    I did a really cheesy thing and offered to carry a heavy bag for a sister on the way back to the car park from a district convention.
    Can you believe that out of a whole football stadium she was sat in front of me the next day!
    That was about 7 years ago and we've just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.
    My advice ? BE YOURSELF !

  • spectromize

    Thanks for the advice folks,

    I also want to tell you that I use to go out with a sister who I continually use to argue with over nothings. My relationship lasted for about 3yrs. I knew after a while that we could never be together so I decided to break it off. It was extremely difficult but it was the right thing to do, if I would of married her it would of been a disaster.

    One thing I could never understand about her is why she would flip out over little things and be really angry at me when things were going so right. It always seemed she wanted to ruin a perfectly good day. Well wouldn't you know it after I broke up with her I found out thru her brother that this sister had a clinical depression. To be more specific she was diagnosed years ago as a manic depressive. Now I finally put the pieces together as to why we had so many arguments and her mood swings but never once did she tell me about her condition, I think in all fairness she should of told me after the length of time we dated. I realize some have to cope with a lot in this system of things.

  • waiting

    Hi, I'm new here, but very familiar with your previous girlfriend's silence. You say she should have told you, which would have to indicate she knew and understood her condition. Not many JW's get actual clinical help with depression or bi-polar disorder. She just could not have understood how her moods related to her. She also might not have been on appropriate, if any, medication. Without it, life really sucks for manic depressives. She also could have been misdiagnosed - it happens frequently (I know, I've been through that one.)

    You were right, though, if you would have married her and her condition was not under control - your marriage probably wouldn't have been either.

    I am 50 and a woman. If you go to any gathering where we are allowed to dance, you will find that the man who can dance, especially fast dancing, will always shine with any and all women present. I always told my sons that, but most men are so afraid to move their hips!!!

    Listening to a woman, dancing, (if the Society will allow you), and funny always work. You don't have to be gay to be funny and move your hips! I swear that's why a lot of men like to be around gay men - they're funny!

    Good hunting for a mate......

  • Seven

    Welcome waiting! It's nice to have another woman on board here. You are right about dancing. A brother who can dance is never alone for long.


  • spectromize

    Dear Waiting,

    I have no problem with dancing. In fact I get right in the party when I get going. I even do the kareoke thing wants in a while and actually had beer bought for me and song requests from complete strangers. I don't think they were taking pity on me either, well ok the odd time I goofed on a song.

  • Frenchy

    "that's why a lot of men like to be around gay men - they're funny!"

    Frenchy (in a deep voice)...HEY, WATCH IT THERE PARTNER!

    I don't know about gay men being funny but I've always found them to be a bit queer...uh, strange.

  • Frenchy

    Spec, ole buddy, Do you really expect women to tell you about women??? Hmmmm.... They so love to be dark and mysterious.

  • spectromize


    It's their nature, they are concerned about their hearts being conquered for once you've conquered them they are your's.

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