Old JW at my door says," Check it out".....

by nomoreguilt 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Jankyn

    The only time they've caught me at home in the last decade when I was home sick one day. Since I was looking feverish and bleary-eyed, wearing flannel pajamas and SpongeBob slippers and had a very ugly case of bed-head, the conversation consisted of "We can see this isn't a good time for you; here's a magazine." I didn't even get a chance to respond. It's just as well. Otherwise, it's a tract or an old magazine in the door.

  • Quirky1
    HELL NO!...you gotta be kiddin?...you actually think they WANT a return visit that could possibly lead to OMG!...a BIBLE STUDY!!!...you gotta be kiddin.........oompa

    You got that right!! The whole time I was in I "NEVER" wanted a BS and never had one. LOL I tried with my kids once and that was a joke.. They knew it was all bullsh!t anyway..

  • sacolton

    The best way to get your magazines count up is to knock on their door, introduce yourself, acknowledge that your shoe is untied and ask for them to just hold the magazines ... and run. That's 2 magazines for each door you knock! Genius!

  • stillajwexelder

    Well - when I put in my token 1 hour per month in the FS to keep the elders off my back - I say something similar because I have ZERO enthusiasm because I know it is all baloney

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