Did you ever do "rooming" work before a convention?

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  • VM44

    Asking peoople in their homes if they would like to have strangers stay in their homes for a week is worse than going to a stranger's house and asking to use their bathroom!

  • mouthy

    LOL!!!!! I did & Guess what ????? I got Pastors of churches to take them in LOL!!!!! This was in Montreal !!! I never did hear if they left the "truth"? after the stay..Or if the Pastors became JW's .. I know ONE thing , that is how I trapped my unbeliving daughter ....I asked her to put some folks up, she did, ( was pretty ticked at their behaviour because they never made their beds before leaving for assembly) but after I explained that Jehovah probably put them in HER house to teach them manners , she started to listen to my "garbage" now is a fully fledged JW

  • WTWizard

    I doubt they would volunteer me to put up any witlesses more than once. Something tells me that they would not like the Christmas decorations, rap music, Ouija board, and Crisis of Conscience in my place. And, if anything goes wrong after, they would think the demons are in my place.

  • Jim_TX

    I was a wee lad back then, but I remember there being a local convention here - and they did this. It must've been a District Assembly - as I remember the D.O. (pronounced - DOH! - said in a Homer Simpson voice), was here, and they removed all of the fold-up chairs in the hall I attended, and put in desks and a huge phone system. It was manned... er... womaned by a lot of folks. Boy... that was a long time ago... probably in the mid-60's - or there-about.

    Back then... folks were more likely to help each other out. It was different.


    Jim TX

  • crazycate

    Sorry Oompa!


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