Dating After Leaving?

by Garrett 11 Replies latest social relationships

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield
    Me I am still single and so far it is good.
  • confuzzlediam

    Marmot...I also met my boyfriend via online dating. We knew each other from attending the same hall about 6-10 years ago. Before he moved to the area, his family attended my hall where my sis and one of his sis's were friends as well as our parents. He actually rented the house that I am currently living in, that I rent from my parents.

    We are both disfellowshipped, and do not attend meetings. I had a small crush on him when we were both going to the same hall, but he was married and I was as well, so he never knew that I thought he was hot!! LOL Fast forward to last summer when I saw him on this online dating service and messaged him. We met up that night and have been dating now for almost 9 months. I think he is a keeper!

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