Sexless marriages

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I've heard of a fair few sexless marriages in the borg, probably something to do with the fact that if you're raised "in" you'll have a pretty skewed view of sex by the time you finally get to do it. So if someone is trapped in a sexless marriage, from a JW standpoint they could get an unscriptural divorce...BUT...that doesn't leave them free to remarry??!!

    Seems pretty sadistic really.

  • oompa
    oompa can only remarry if your mate is unfaithful, by man woman or beast i guess....however...being raised in a repressed sexual environment has the OPPOSITE effect on most kids.....some are so horney they will run off with their cousin if the had a

  • heyfea

    I've never heard of that. What do you mean the WTS allows an unscriptural divorce? To do what? To be disfellowshipped later? Because that's what it'll happen if either person remarries (in order to have sex with whom they have chemistry). If that's true, then the WTS is truly evil. It does not provide solutions; it provides depression, stress, and death, not only spiritually with their disfelloshipping, but also physically, though more rare, when people at the end of their rope commit suicide.

  • stillajwexelder

    a few religions have a warped view of sex but the WTS are among the worst

  • FairMind

    My first wife was a Baptist and the sex was OK but limited in scope. My second wife is a "born in" JW and the sex has been tremendous! The difference is attitude and the scond wife's attitude is whatever we want to do is our business and not the Elders.

  • WTWizard

    An "unscriptural" divorce means getting legally divorced. You are not doing so on the grounds of infidelity, but in the eyes of the law you are divorced. In the eyes of the congregation, however, you are merely separated and not free to remarry.

    As I see it, there is nothing worse about this form of "adultery" than picking silverware out of the garbage. If someone throws silverware in the garbage, and you pick it out, that is not stealing since you are only stealing silverware from the landfill (where it's not doing them any good).

  • Hope4Others

    I have a brother and sister in law who have been separated legally for almost

    20 years...Both jw's, both meeting attenders, one just not as one wants to be proved

    wrong....Tell me whats wrong with this picture!


  • voltaire

    Personally. I prefer marriageless sex ;)

  • tiffy0212

    I haven't had any sex in 8 years. My husband can't get it up. He even saw a specialist, but nothing worked. The only thing that will help is if he gets a implant, but as soon as he found that out he dropped the subject. I wonder if the org has a view on this topic. They probably feel that it is not natural. He said we can do other things, but don't know what he is talking about since there is no more oral. Just another bump in the road, what a lonely life.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I am in a sexless mariage. But I am far from trapped in the marriage. When me and Mrs. Tired were first married, we engaged in lots of good sex. It was limited to intercourse and oral sex in a variety of positions, but the sheer volume of lovin' made it quite enjoyable. I have never been into getting oral, but I am a giver and she got lots of it. After nine years of knocking at her back door I was finally allowed in. We enjoyed unfettered sex from that point on and even enjoyed a couple of threesomes. Both of us believe that the bedroom is off limits to nosy elders and their wives.

    Then she got sick and things slowed down. Then she ended up getting uterine cancer and she had to get a hysterectomy. Her desire was completely excised along with her uterus. Rarely she would hop on for a ride, but after her back got worse, we decided it was time to end the sexual part of our union. Even an occasional hand stroking got to be too painful as her hands and joints swell and hurt a lot. We are only in our mid-forties and we are in the position many in their seventies find themselves. I love my wife with all that I am and I spend my days now caring for her needs. She is bed ridden and so she needs me more now than ever. So, I have learned that sex is a great thing to enjoy with your spouse, but it is hardly the end all necessity for a happy marriage. I am happy to say that our marriage is strong as ever. But I think that is because our love for each other is true blue.

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