More scandals...J.W. Satanic Ritual Abuse discussed on the call Sat. Nov. 8

by kool aid man06 43 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • cattails

    I just read this thread in going back through the archives.

    It seems to me that the SRA claims which are sometimes made in the Six Screens show are way too sensationalistic to be even partly true.

    From the recordings of Six Screens shows I found that the discussion of sexual abuse topics often comes up.

    Doesn't it stand to reason that adding sensationalistic stories which are not fully proven only adds to the feeling that the WT is victimized by crackpots?

    What do you think? Do sensationalistic stories about Satanic Ritual Abuse add or take away from helping to bring down the WT?

  • dinah

    It takes away. It makes "apostates" look like raving lunatics. Kool-Aid Man helped the Watchtower on that one.

    I actually listened to that one when it was posted. Didn't believe it. I know the religion is full of perverts because it attracts perverts. But Dayumm!

  • TheOldHippie

    Satanic Ritual Abuse? Automatic writing from demons end up as articles in the WT?

    Man, have you helped the WT on this one! Apostates = witches = raving mad maniacs.

    Home run!

  • wobble

    Yes O.H,

    I agree, this kind of nonsense turns the already impaired ears of JW's to stone deaf, and makes it harder than ever to get sensible questions across to them. They think that one such instance such as the above means they can ignore everything XJW's say.

    I do wish people would check things out before giving air-time or publicity to them.



  • yesidid

    The really sad thing about this is that people like Barbra Anderson and Jim Penton have their hard earned

    good reputations tarnished by being associated with the Kool-Aid man and this drivel.


  • cattails

    The really sad thing about this is that people like Barbra Anderson and Jim Penton have their hard earned good reputations tarnished by being associated with the Kool-Aid man and this drivel.

    Well put. It's like getting news from the Enquirer as opposed to the New York Times. If the reputation for sensationalistic articles takes away from the sincerity and veracity of the news reported then anything appearing in the program will sound like it is just that, sensationalistic drivel and nothing more, even if this time is true. Sort of like the boy who cried wolf too many times.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I call bullshit on this one! Don't have to resort to this. Stick to the facts.

    Edited- just noticed this was an old thread that was bumped.

    Think About It

  • slimboyfat

    Who bumped this garbage to the top?

    At least it gives the majority of sensible posters another opportunity to say how ridiculous it is I suppose.

  • JustHuman14

    Nobody knows whats going behind the walls of the GB and those at the top level of the WT society. I really don't know what to believe about this cult anymore, but there are some facts that we cannot ignore regarding WT's involvement with occult:

    1. Russell the founder was involved in numerology, pyramid worship, occult.

    2. Russell was ready to publish a book Angels and Women, a story told by a Demon regarding the Flood. This Demon told the story to a medium

    3. Booze Jo he continued and publish the Book Angels and Women, after Russell's death and suggest it to be given as a Christmas gift!!!

    4. In Booze Jo's rullership we have some strange indications that he was involved in spiritism, like an advertise in Golden Age amgazine of widja board.

    5. Woodworth was the major factor of not using blood and he was also involved with Russell in Occult. This I believe is the most evil and Satanic aspect of the WT. So many wasted lifes in the altar of blood.

    6. Subliminal images in WT literature after 1982

    So there are many bits and pieces of WT's history that shows WT involvement in Occult. I don't know if they are realy to S.R.A but again I cannot ignore all the facts above

  • Farkel


    Set aside your 6 bullet-points for a second and consider this:

    Which do you consider to be the most evil:

    1) Cavorting with demons in which case, chickens may die, but humans rarely do.

    2) Convincing millions of people that you alone speak for God, and because of that claim of speaking for God, people die daily, and dozens of thousands have died because of that speaking. Hundreds of thousands more have had their lives and their families and their marriages trashed because of that speaking. You have forbidden them to take advantage of science to keep them alive, including vaccinations, organ transplants and blood transfusions and people died. Then you changed your mind about all of these things you said God told you to say, while at the same time still claiming you alone speak for God.

    Every prediction that you made which caused people to sacrifice everything they had because they believed those predictions, with you claiming you were speaking those predictions from God was wrong.

    Which is the greater evil, then?


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