More scandals...J.W. Satanic Ritual Abuse discussed on the call Sat. Nov. 8

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  • Berean

    As much as I hate the WT leaders and the cult as a whole I really find it hard to believe that satanic rituals were done or condoned by anyone.

  • Kudra

    Satanic Ritual Abuse??

    That seems very far fetched and will certainly confirm to any lurking current JWs their ideas that apostates are nuts and lie about the Org.

    There is abuse (the same amount in any other sexually-repressed insular group) but the problem is the policy of handling the abuse when (if) it comes to the attention of the leaders. "Ritual Satanic Sexual Abuse"? I seriously doubt it.

    Stuff like this sort of bums me out because it will drive many questioning Witnesses back into the organization.


  • Dogpatch

    see my explanation at:


    what you think?

  • inkling

    see my explanation at:


    Thank goodness for critical thinking like yours!

  • minimus

    Which Catholic was a Catholic witch? Which witch?

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    This is just imaginary vindictive sensationalism and nothing else,

    Hitting the Watchtower Society over the head with a wet noodle isn't going to do anything accept make your self look foolish in trying

  • inkling
    ...The story on your last conference about SRA is quite hard
    to believe... little in the way of credible and clear proof
    other than "Ravyn's" testimony is offered in support of her
    story. But I was able to find this post by "Ravyn Giuliani"...

    We should keep in mind that "Ravyn" is the same poster that is the original and as of yet onlysource of the sensational and unsubstantiated story of the suicide of "Jason R" after allegedly
    being molested by Ted Jaracz.


  • inkling
    she became Catholic in 2002, yet in 2003 she wrote that she was a witch. I wonder if Ravyn has an explanation for this inconsistency?

    A confusing and convoluted theology?

    In her own words (from her profile):

    ...currently my husband and I both follow a pagan path and attend a Roman Catholic Church if we need a Xtian-fix. (hey! sometimes I like the 'smells and bells'! I don't care if it is Jesus or Mithra--besides Catholics are like 'pagan' anyway right? :: wink wink ::)
  • inkling
    unsubstantiated story of the suicide of "Jason R" after allegedly
    being molested by Ted Jaracz.

    EDIT: I confused two stories. The accused in her story was Dan Sydlik.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I am an atheist. I believe that there is no "spirit realm" populated by any sort of entity, and that includes Satan.

    Yet, individuals can rent goofy costumes and present themselves as parodies of the theological concept of Satan. For example, the comedian Jon Lovitz from the TV show "Saturday Night Live"

    But I doubt anyone would argue that Mssr. Lovitz is making a "legitimate" attempt at pleasing the Prince of Darkness.

    In a similar way, a wicked pervert can obtain robes and the accoutrements of Satanic worship, and he or she can go through the motions of a Satanic ritual, even abusing, mutilating or murdering an innocent victim in the process. Aleister Crowley comes to mind. While many of the participants in his rituals were consenting, it is possible that a few might not have been.

    These so-called "Satanic rituals" do not rely on the actual existence of Satan in order to be carried out.

    What I find very interesting is that in most cases where Satanic Ritual Abuse is aleged, no physical evidence of the ritual can be found. In the case of the McMartin Pre-school in California that Randy discusses on his link above, not a shred of physical evidence could be found. (see also:

    I am NOT suggesting that claims of sexual abuse are always false. Certainly there have been numerous cases of pedophilia that have been substantiated by forensic evidence and by the confessions of the guilty parties. There have been and could still be pedophiles operating within the walls of Bethel and Kingdom Halls around the world. This is a terrible despicable evil perpetrated by mortal humans and does not require (or prove) the involvement of any imaginary invisible entities.

    It is unfortunate when someone with an agenda to promote "amps up" these stories to generate more publicity for themselves. In such cases the real victims are victimized anew and their healing is not advanced; they are turned into a sideshow.

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