Why do people "come back"?

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  • kairos

    I know of several examples of ones that "left the truth" for up to 20 years, only to suffer through the reinstatement process and feel like they are finally back on track.

    How does this happen?

    I personally know of one example where a father of three, leaves JWs, abandons wife and family, lives as a gay man then comes back 20 years later as a partaking member of the anointed.

  • OneEyedJoe
    In the cases I've known of it's usually some major life event that triggers it - the two most common that I've seen seem to be death of a loved one or a growing family. Either they want to see someone again in paradise, or they feel that their kids need some sort of "spiritual" guidance and the cult is the only place they've ever looked for that so they go back.
  • flipper

    Mind control is strong even in people who have left the JW organization. And if they don't research and READ or INFORM themselves of HOW they were manipulated and controlled by the WT Society mind control- it's very easy for them to go back- their brain neurotransmitters are still in locked down JW mode because nothing else has been installed into their brains. It's an actual physiological thing.

    AND - Many go back out of fear and guilt being coerced or pressured by family or else pressured within their own minds due to the first point I made about the mind control still percolating in their brains. If they don't replace WT indoctrination with other information it will continue to be the old adage " garbage in , garbage out " it remains and festers in the mind. Just my 2 cents on the subject

  • sloppyjoe2

    Because MOST people don't leave because they stopped believing or don't believe in the religion. Most people leave because they want to have fun, party, have sex, drink, and so on and are tired of the rules. Some completely wreck their lives...actually a lot of people completely wreck their lives just like the watchtower said they would. They think to a time in their life when things weren't so messed up and all they have was when they were still a JW. Also they start having kids and don't want their kids to do the same things they did. Many years later they come back because all a long they never stopped believing it was the truth.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Indoctrination digs deep, deep, deep inside and it is so very difficult to remove.

    I secretly feel sorry for the ones coming back; asking out loud inside myself "WHYYY???!!! I make it a point not welcome them back, just politely greet them as time goes on and I bump into them.


  • Xanthippe
    Sometimes it has seemed to me to be unfair that those that suffer most from this cult are those who totally believed it and who devote themselves to it. The justice seems to be that when they stop believing in the teachings wild horses can't drag them back.
  • StrongHaiku

    My brother went back after being out ~15 years. Our younger sister died suddenly about 5 years ago. I believe this was one of the key catalysts. But I think the main reason he was susceptible to being pulled back is that, in those 15 years he was out, he did not take time to replace what he had believed with a more secular, critical, and scientific view of the world. In addition, during that time, he never did any research to question the "Organization" and what he had believed.

    In short, in those 15 years he had not replaced a vacuum that had remained when he left the JWs. And, when my sister passed away, he went back to the only thing he knew.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    You offered the answer. Partakes?... He is mentally unstable, the Watchtower would say, and I would echo that.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    How many of you here would return (KH) if N. Korea or China dropped

    a nuclear bomb in N.Y, the start of WW3.?? Speaking for myself i

    would volunteer for the home front, not for one minute would I consider running

    back to the KH...

  • redvip2000

    There are different reasons for leaving. Some people leave because they feel they are not good enough and can't keep up with the high standards. Those are usually the ones who come back.

    I knew a few JWs that left that continue to think the Org is right, and that they will inevitably die at the big A. That has always baffled me. I know this specific person, that actually defends the Org actively against any apostate thoughts, but is completely out and does nothing of what the Org says must be done.

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