What backlash could you expect by telling everyone you 'hate the Caleb cartoons'?

by Esse quam videri 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • freemindfade

    Also of note, is some people may deep down in their primal core of their brain find something wrong with it, a "gut feeling".

    When you say something you stir that up and they are trying to keep it down and this enrages them. Because even if in their gut they think its stupid they are all walking around saying love great it is, how loving of the gb, how cute how blah blah blah blah to drown out doubt.

  • GodZoo

    None at all.. when I was in I told the elders that I did not like the Kingdom songs one bit.. and also that the Watchtower was written for brain challenged 12 year olds and that I just could not read them any more.

    I told them that the older material in the hall library had far more depth and complexity so they left me in there reading all of that. Ironically it was exactly delving into the old publications that woke me up and proved the entire organisation to be one whole crock of horse shit.

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