cheating elder's wife

by asilentone 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dozy

    Very unlikely that he could stay on - "freedom of speech" , "presiding over his household in a good manner" etc. Most would resign before they were removed.

    In exceptional circumstances which would have to include virtually all these circumstances - brother refuses to resign , weak or "old boys club" body , totally "out of the blue" affair , no scandal , sympathetic CO , wife very repentant - he might just get away with staying on. It would certainly help if the wife was privately reproved & the matter was hushed up.

  • passwordprotected

    I personally know of a case in Berkshire, England, where the elder's wife cheated with a MS in the congregation. Both parties were disfellowshipped, the elder divorced his wife and he remained on as an elder.

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