cheating elder's wife

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  • asilentone

    I am wondering if an elder's wife cheated on him, is it possible that he can remain as an elder?

  • bennyk

    What the deuce!!! Sometimes a cheating Elder will stay on as a "spirit-appointed adulterer"...

  • sir82

    Not enough information - is the wife a JW or not? Was she disfellowshipped, or only reproved? Was there some underlying factor that led her to stray (e.g., the husband neglected or mistreated her)?

    If the other elders determine that the elder husband broke some sort of "Biblical" (read: Watchtower) principle, they might view him as "not irreprehensible" and have him removed. But it certainly wouldn't be an automatic dismissal.

  • asilentone

    the wife is JW and reproved.

  • asilentone

    I just heard about it. They are from another state, not sure if it is true.

  • undercover

    Depends on the circumstances. If he was "presiding over his household in a fine manner..." and this still occured then its possible he could keep his position as elder. The fact that she was reproved and not DFd indicates to me that this may have been a moment of weakness on her part and not part of a continuing pattern of where they may have been having problems.

    Now if he had not been conducting a regular family study with his family and this happened, even if it was a one time indiscretion, he could find himself removed. I've seen this happen. In fact I know of one case where the body of elders reproved the wife and left the husband in his position. The CO came by on his visit shortly afterwards, reviewed the case (so much for confidentiality - the elders told the couple that what transpired in the elders meeting would not leave the room) and when he learned that the brother admitted to not being regular with the family study, he forced the elders to remove the brother from his position.

    Like sir82 said, a lot depends on the individual body of elders and I'll add...a lot depends on how well liked or well into the good-ole-boy-elder network the brother was.

  • stillajwexelder

    I am wondering if an elder's wife cheated on him, is it possible that he can remain as an elder? Now - I am not sure as they changed the rules. At one time in the 1990s I knew 3 elders personally with cheating wives

  • Gordy

    I recall in the 1980's an Elder had an affair with another Elders wife. They were both disfellowshipped.

    They divorced their wfe and husband. Married each other. Couple of years later both reinstated.

    A year after that he was appointed an Elder again.

  • sacolton

    The cheating spouse will be QUIETLY reproved. If the family has a high profile in the congregation, chances are there will not be any announcement on the platform. How do I know this? My wife's mother cheated with another JW brother for several years and both were quietly reproved by the elders.

    I can just see a TV show from this:

    Jehovah's Witnesses: Wife Swap

  • zagor

    I think it is, he is still an elder and probably even seen as a victim by WTBS. They will never even have a second thought about the possibility that wife found marriage a type of pathological trance greatly perpetrated by either his lack of manhood or other things a man should posses to be seen as any type of a leader at all. Yet for them it is enough if he clocks his hours and brings his heavy ass up on platform. In this so called world such "qualities" would hardly even land him a supervisory position in a factory.

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