Nov 15 WT Study Edition - Appeal to help inactive ones

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  • Emma
    if 2 people didn't hear it / observe it, it didn't happen.

    I never thought of that.

    And thanks, Tex, you may be right. He didn't seem to know what to say. It may have even been my super pioneer sister on the line with him.

  • garybuss


    The Watch Tower Publishing Corporation did a cattle call a few years or so ago (might have been '03) and some of the elders in locations right here in the United States turned the directive into a purge.

    Most of the elders I know personally hate dirty work, and contacting walkaways and "inactives" is dirty work. They see the inactive list as a "problem", and the easiest way to solve it is to permanently remove the name from the list. The easiest way to permanently remove a name from the list is to disassociate the person associated with the name on the list. No stake outs, no (long) inquisitions, no trials, and no appeals.

    It's a clean cut right at the neck.

    Elders on this block are ego boys. They only like praise, recognition, and respect. They don't get any of their strokes from people like me. From me they get ridicule, indifference, and disrespect.

    It's a shame really . . . because I like talking to them. The last elder type guy to call here was a guy named Thurman or something like that . . . he hung up on me. Very rude!

  • Borgia

    Hahaha. DA while you can. I like that.

    But seriously, I too feel they have been doing some stage setting these last 3 years.

    If and when it will become a witch hunt, well, bring it on! There's nothing they can do that will harm me. maybe hinder me, but not harm me. That time belongs to the past.


  • willyloman

    Blondie: A dub I work with "placed" that 2/07 KM with me last year, the day after they reviewed the article at the Service Meeting on Thursday night. He came by my office, something he never does (it's in another building) and chitty-chatted for a few seconds, then produced the KM and said, "Hey, there was a part last night that made me think of you."

    He handed me the KM, I looked at the headline, scanned the article for a minute, and said, "What makes you think I would be interested in this? Do I appear unhappy to you?"

    He shook his head. "No, but that's because Satan isn't opposing you any more and you don't have that pressure."

    I just smiled and told him, "I know you brought me this with the best of intentions. Thank you." And he left, sheepishly.

    He hit on me a couple of times after that, when we ran into each other outside, but he's pretty much given up. The other day he waved and smiled and called me by name when I strolled past him and some of his workmates. I have often gotten the impression that he envies me for having the courage to walk away. Working with him out in service one day about 7-8 years ago, he confided in me that he was struggling but I know that he has a huge family that is "all in."

    This "appeal to help inactive ones" will be another short-lived campaign. The dubs are way too busy to waste time with ex-members who walked away, especially if they seem to be happy and well-adjusted. And even more so if they were elders or pioneers with a rep for good study habits back in the day. I believe most dubs are fearful of confronting someone who left who was "smart" and/or connected in the dub world. They already "know" why you left and they just don't want to be confronted by their own doubts.

  • still_in74
    Jesus expounded upon this with his teachings regarding the "salt of the earth", the "Good Samaritan", and his Sermon on the Mount. It was a focus on one's relationship with God; and how that relationship outwardly manifested itself with their dealings with others.

    "yes but we can show similar kindness to our neighbours by teaching them the truth about Jehovah. Afterall, what greater kindness could we show to others than helping them to attain everlasting life?".....

    You know this is really starting to piss me off. The BS last night did this same dam dance. They talked about how the prophets were exorting the Jews to return to Jehovah with all their hearts and worship him in faith and meekness. Then, after expounding worshipping Jehovah in whole-hearted faith the book then says that we too need to be faithful in field service and meeting attendance, and to meekly accept guidance and instruction for Jehovahs channel! I mean c'mon already!!! We just read about faith and love and meekness and now you have us all busting are asses banging on doors - WORKING! How did faith become work in 3 paragraphs????

    The dubbies there ate this all up. I was so pissed I wanted to get up and walk out of the room. MY BLOOD WAS BOILING OVER THIS!

    I'm not bitter....

  • still_in74
    He shook his head. "No, but that's because Satan isn't opposing you any more and you don't have that pressure."



    Most families among mankind today are unhappy. It is because they are "in opposition to the healthful teaching according to the glorious good news of the happy God."

    *** es08 p. 117 November ***Joy is a state of great happiness. Jehovah is "the happy God." (1 Tim. 1:11; Ps. 104:31) The Son delights to do his Father’s will. (Ps. 40:8; Heb. 10:7-9) And "the joy of Jehovah is [our] stronghold." (Neh. 8:10) God-given joy brings us deep satisfaction when we do the divine will even in times of hardship, sorrow, or persecution. What happiness "the very knowledge of God" brings us! (Prov. 2:1-5) Our joyous relationship with God is based on accurate knowledge and faith in him and in Jesus’ ransom sacrifice. (1 John 2:1, 2) Being part of the only true international brotherhood is another source of joy. (Zeph. 3:9; Hag. 2:7) Our Kingdom hope and the grand privilege of declaring the good news make us joyful. (Matt. 6:9, 10; 24:14) So does the prospect of everlasting life. (John 17:3) Since we have such a grand hope, we should be "nothing but joyful."w07 7/15 2:9, 10

    ***yb06p.5ALetterFromtheGoverningBody***These last days are difficult to deal with. It is not easy to balance out family matters, secular activity, congregation activity, and preaching. In addition, many of you have to deal with sickness, depression, old age, and even opposition. Most of you are "loaded down." We want to express our fellow feeling to you, in line with what Jesus said: "Come to me, all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you." (Matt. 11:28) We want to commend warmly all of you who put forth the effort to keep serving Jehovah faithfully despite challenges large and small.


    *** w72 3/1 p. 133 par. 1 How to Stand Firm in This Time of the End ***EVER since the day that Adam and Eve bit into the forbidden fruit, mankind has been under pressure from Satan the Devil. This is because, from that day on, bitter warfare has existed between Jehovah God and this wicked adversary. (Gen. 3:15) It has been a warfare that has increased in intensity down through the centuries. And today it is rapidly reaching its climax. Every man is involved in it, especially the servants of Jehovah, for they are targets of the Devil and his demons. If you are one of God’s servants, you know how true this is. Also you should know that, very soon, a great attack upon Jehovah’s people will be launched by these wicked ones. This was foretold by Ezekiel in these words: "And you [Satan] will be bound to come up against my people Israel [Jehovah’s witnesses], like clouds to cover the land. In the final part of the days it will occur, and I shall certainly bring you against my land, for the purpose that the nations may know me when I sanctify myself in you before their eyes."—Ezek. 38:16.

    Yes, if you are a JW you are both the happiest people on earth and the most hated, loaded down and depressed people at the same time.

    Also, if you are in the world you are happy because Satan is not pressuring you and you are unhappy because you arent following the happy god. (???)

    Yes, JW's can actually say this verbatim and believe it. Yes, truly believe it as they say it! - CULT !

  • cruzanheart

    That reminds me, it's time to get my Hallowe'en decorations up . . .


  • happy2bout2

    i've been df'd since dec 2003 and i haven't been bothered since. best thing that ever happened to me. i should've done it sooner. LOL

  • asilentone

    Happy, Welcome to the board!

  • tijkmo
    But then again they couldn't count their time so perhaps that is it.

    sure they can...i would have

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