Name Posters You Wish Were Here More Often or Would Return For a Visit

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  • minimus

    I always enjoyed Francois. And Stinky Pantz. Farkel too.

    Anyone you'd like to see posting here?


    HS,he always cracked me up..Most couldn`t tell he was joking..That made it even funnier..LOL!!...................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Pubsinger


    I've really missed him since he became an ex ex JW

  • snowbird

    bestyRe: The new Ice Age Cometh! 29-Sep-08 10:26 Sep 29, 2008

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    It all comes down to truth. How badly do you want to know it?

    Incidentally, plenty people on this board have met me in person and will vouch that I'm not a troll - I don't make a secret of my real identity, but I understand the reasons for those that do.

    Difficult to see how I could be accused of baiting Freewilly given that he joined the thread after I did.

    You are kinda handy with your accusations though - must be a pleasure to be your friend.

    Besty. I've really missed him since he became an ex ex JW ;-)
    Hi Pubsinger. Sylvia
  • minimus

    Hillary is one funny guy. And you're right. Most can't get the sarcasm.

    Dave, the ex-mod is another brilliant guy who I wish could post more instead of on those Mormon boards.


    Ya,I always liked Dave..What an unbelievable artist..That guy Rocks!!..I`d like to see more of him here too............Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • minimus

    Brummie was a very nice guy. I miss him.

    Someone who helped me when I first came here: JT. Very sharp exBethelite big shot.

    Maximus was a terrific poster. Loved his insights and experiences.

    Chris and Nina show up every once in a while. Great people!


    Maximus was cool..He got pissed off with all the battles here in the early days..Larc told me thats why Max quit posting here.....................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • Seeker4

    Dave was (is) great. Farkel.

    JT was terrific - just the worst spelling and grammar ever! I'll bet going to college helped shape that up in a hurry. Terrific insights and very funny.

    Maximus. 'Nuff said.


    Seeker4. That guy can never post enough. Insightful, brilliant, witty to a fault, at times his comments traverse that faint line between genius and mere mortals. Unfortunately, I'm the only one who thinks so! Ha!!


  • stillajwexelder

    AlanF; FARKEL; HS

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