Revelation 9:5--by request!

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  • Atlantis

    Revelation 9:5 by request! Request from researcher: Revelation 9:5 I would like to know what the Revelation book says about Revelation 9:5. Thank you! **************************************************** My comments: Thank you for your request! It would be best if you have the entire Revelation book to conduct your research on Revelation 9:5, because in the future there might be a different topic in the Revelation book you may want to check into. 1988 Revelation Its Grand Climax At Hand--PDF Click the link at the bottom of the next page. N.

  • greendawn

    All I have to say the Revelation book is impossible to decipher correctly unless someone is initiated into the meaning of its numerous symbols which seem to follow from (pre christian) jewish eschatology where the end of the world and the coming of God's kingdom was an important theme.

    There is nothing though in it that can be used to predict dates and also many religious leaders barely accept it as a god inspired christian book others see it as christian inspired writings that were soon after heavily interpolated with judaic non inspired writings by judaising or possibly gnostic christians.

    JW eschatology relies heavily on Revelation, armageddon, the 144 000, the great crowd, but given their usual bias and incompetence in interpreting the Bible there is little doubt that it's a waste of time to read their opinions on what Revelation tries to tell us.

  • asilentone

    Thank you! I appreciate it!

  • Atlantis

    Greendawn: Thank you!

    Asilentone: Your welcome!


  • yknot


    While I am normally against such actions I certainly hope they gather all those books and

  • asilentone

    yknot, I do not even have literature in my home, sometimes it is good to know what the Watchtower teach.

  • Atlantis

    Yknot: Your welcome!

    Stillajwexelder: Thank you!


  • possible-san

    Thank you very much indeed, Atlantis.

    I think that this book is the most absurd book in the Watch Tower society's history.

    When I was active Jehovah's Witnesses, I have not distributed this book to people.
    Because I thought that the contents of this book were not useful to people.

    I felt shameful when I introduced this book to people.
    It is filled with a "strained interpretation."


  • Atlantis


    Your welcome, and thank you for your comments!

    Cheers! Atlantis!-

  • LockedChaos

    Thank you

    Reading this reminds one
    of how wonderful it is
    to now being able to
    engage in rational,
    logical thought

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