The new Ice Age Cometh!

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  • besty

    Good catch NeckBeard - proves that religious folks are rational some of the time - puts a lie to the myth that scientists are all god-hating atheists

    Nice to see that there is common ground across diverse parts of the spectrum.

    Thanks for bring this up

  • villabolo

    NeckBeard, you may not know me since it's been a while that I've posted on this site; Global Warming being my favorite topic; but I am the one who wrote that article on and I happen to be an atheist. More to the point, your response is besides the point. Would you like to respond to the merits of the argument and the proof behind it?


  • villabolo



    There once was a little child,

    Who thought his backyard was the whole world.

    If it was raining in his backyard,

    Then surely, it must be raining at the South Pole.

    If it was snowing in his backyard,

    Then it was obviously snowing in a place called Hawaii.

    Then that little child ‘grew up’.

    Yet he still lived in his backyard.

    Only difference was that his backyard had gotten bigger.

    It had become the whole United States.

    So when it was snowing in the United States,

    It was obviously snowing in Brazil.

    And although it was temporarily cold in the United States

    and 15% of the World while sweltering elsewhere

    With thousands of desert adapted ostriches dropping dead from 122 o F heat in South Africa

    And dozens of people dieing in a Brazilian heatwave, etc.

    And the Arctic and most of Canada being 10 o -18 o F warmer than average

    Well, what did the rest of the world matter?

    Go back to your solipsistic backyard little child


  • villabolo


    "Good catch NeckBeard - proves that religious folks are rational some of the time - puts a lie to the myth that scientists are all god-hating atheists

    Nice to see that there is common ground across diverse parts of the spectrum."

    I knew that John Cook, whom I now refer to as my boss, was Christian but I did not know he was evangelical as NeckBeard says. If NeckBeard is right I'm willing to bet that John Cook is Post-Millenial since Pre-Millenialism is the theology that predisposes its adherents to adopt a 'don't care' attitude.

    For the benefir of our readers who may not be aware of the theological dynamics I'll give the following explanation.

    Pre-Millenialists believe Christ is coming before the millenium and that He will prepare it for them. Furthermore, this will happen any day now so why care about keeping up the house? It's like painting a house that will be demolished next month.

    Post-Millenialists believe Christ will only return after the millenium and that it is Man's responsibility to prepare it for Him.

    You can see how these two different patterns of thought ('doctrines') predispose one group to be utterly irresponsible and the other to have the opposite attitude.


  • villabolo

    Gill, NeckBeard; where have you gone?


  • Gill

    With great respect Besty and Villabolo, Time will Tell.

    There is a financial incentive in claiming warming, but I've already said that.

    I would rather believe in global warming than cooling for ONE reason and that is that more people die of Cold than die of heat (not that people don't die of heat but as you're getting picky on my every word I feel the need to emphasise that).

    I have more concerns on what the Ice Age will bring to us.

    I have seen more evidence and there's no point cutting pasting etc since apparantly anything I show is impossibly backwards.

    Let's just say that we will see and WE WILL.

    Time is the answer to this one.

  • bohm

    gill - you gave up on replying to my post?

  • besty
    Besty, the Ice Age HAS Begun!
    With great respect Besty and Villabolo, Time will Tell.

    Which is it? Has the ice age begun, or do you need more time?

    And why not answer at least one or two of our can chose which ones you want to start with....

  • Gill

    As I said, Besty, you are nit picking.

    I wonder why?

    It has begun and Time will make it clearer.

    Whatever happens, in Time it will be obvious.

    Can't really make it any clearer.

    I have answered all the questions in previous posts, I can't see the point of repeating. The answers are all there.

    The Emperor still has NO Clothes............(and will shortly freeze to death).

  • besty

    I don't see it as nitpicking to ask which of your contradictory assertions best represents your viewpoint.

    If the Ice Age has begun what evidence are you presenting? If you are waiting for it to begin how will you know it has started?

    You have made both assertions and now claim I'm nitpicking by asking which one you started this thread over 2 years ago with a bold assertion that "the new Ice Age Cometh!" - you bump the thread every time it snows at your house and now you ask for more time/it has already cometh....

    It all sounds a bit like Jesus invisible presence and Armageddon soon - you keep your faith and I'll keep my facts.

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