Has the WTBS ever explained the trinity?

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    God of the Old Testament = YHWH

    That's fine if you prefer YHWH; I only used Yahweh because that seems the preferred form of Biblical scholars.

    OK, this is where the words become confusing. To the JW mind, God=Jehovah=Father. From a Trinitarian point of view, "God" is three Persons. Moreover, there have always been the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    I think I understand the distinction you're explaining.

    However, what I don't understand is whether there is any continuity, and if so what is it, between YHWH and the Trinitarian "God"?

    Is there a direct correspondence between YHWH and any one of the persons of the Trinity, or is YHWH the same as the Godhead, all three persons of the Trinity?

    Or do Trinitarians believe that the Old Testament understanding of YHWH had become outdated by the time of Jesus and was therefore replaced by Jesus or the Trinitarian "God"?

    Or am I still not understanding ...?

  • leavingwt

    Excellent questions, all. I do not know the answers to them.

  • tijkmo
    Excellent questions, all. I do not know the answers to them.

    not even mine?

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    Your question, here?

    so are they all equal..in power , in knowledge, in understanding, in ability, in existence.

    The only part of this that I can answer, is regarding when "the Son" was on the Earth. Trinitarians believe he lowered himself, took on flesh, and lived among men. When he was on Earth, his office/position/station was in fact, lower than "the Father" and he honestly did not know "they Day or the Hour", etc.

    So, therefore, in that specific scenario, I would assume that the doctrine teaches that while the Son was on Earth, the answer to your question is "No".

  • RAF

    YHWH - behind the name lies a concept (clearcy described by the meaning of its own letters) which works by addition in a permanent circle

    Y= Yod = Seed = Potential (it's symbolisme: The Father)
    H = He = The land = fecondity (symbolism: TheHolly Spirit)
    W = Wav = The Result of potential through fecondity = Action / Reaction (symbolism: The Son)
    H = He (at the end of the word) = The R├ęsult of actions by acumulation (symbolism = Creations / Consequences / Evolutions as RESULTS) = the new potential into the original potential to deal with into the to the same process in an infinite circle.

    "I make to become" ... YHWH is a clear process (and it looks trinitarian) but these are nothing but people, we are talking about the FONDAMENTAL PROCESS OF LIFE = the creator (that's when we can see how it's easy to personified something but we can call that Evolution).

    Wav (The Son) depends on the potential = Yod (The Father) and yes IT IS the Greatest - but moreover spiritually it depends on the power of CHARITY.But The Yod (The Father) in Action is Wav = The SON (the smallest is the greatest). That's when the different ways Jesus introduces himself can be multiple - but he is not a creation (because no action without him) he is a result means in the concept THE CAPACITY OF LIFE (To put into motion an act as well as a project)

    The trinity is a concept in personification but it doesn't really help to understand whatever ... without further information about the meaning of the tetragram

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