JW's have lost their minds....Fox News

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  • tan

    Not sure if this has already been posted but here's the story...


  • james_woods

    Repost, Tan...

    But worth saying again the comments on the first thread ("JW kills 13" or something like that) -

    This is not really a JW or exJW story. Probably these people are no more real JW than Dwight David Eisenhower was (just because his mother was a JW).

    Sensationalism at it's worst.

    We should stand taller than this in our legitimate criticism of this reprehensible organization (so as not to damage our own credibility).


  • RubaDub

    Maybe the One-Towel Rule pushed them over the edge.

    Rub a Dub

  • R6Laser

    I like how you put the title "JW's have lost their minds..." to imply that all JW's do this at one time or another. Talk about sad how some hate others so much that they put a blanket statement on everyone. I guess next time there is a catholic killer I can say that All Catholics have lost their minds.

  • Pahpa

    Every religious group has mentally disturbed individuals. And one can not put the blame on a religious organization for those individuals that commit crimes. Certainly, the Watchtower Society would never have condoned such as those that were reported in Fox News. To the contrary it would condemn the perpertrators.

    More suspect is the system that is trying to stop the Watchtower from making converts. It is an old tactic to inflame the populace against an unpopular movement by linking a horrendous crime of two individuals to the whole organization. Shame on Fox News for reporting it in this fashion.

    James_woods is right. There are legitimate criticisms of the Watchtower. This is not one of them!

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C
    I guess next time there is a catholic killer I can say that All Catholics have lost their minds.

    You make a very good point; and I have noticed that the news media plays the same game. I have noticed that the media in general always takes great care to highlight JW affiliation whenever some kind of crime is committed; even if the perpetrator wasn't a devout Witness. In many cases, the JW affiliation is irrelevant. I say irrelevant because the media never highlights the fact that a perpetrator was a Lutheran, a Baptist, or a Roman Catholic. But let someone who had been associated with the Watchtower get caught for shoplifting, and the JW affiliation becomes an "oh so important" piece of the story. I've certainly got plenty of criticism of the Watchtower, but I also have much criticism for news outlets which draw the JW name into it's news stories for it's attention-getting value.

    I have lost most of my respect for the press in recent years. This news headline (as presented by FOX) is the kind of yellow journalism that I would have expected from the New York Times or MSNBC. But it appears that the "Fair and Balanced" FOX is not above the kind of juvenile attention grabbing when it suits them.

  • is there help out there
    is there help out there

    What is the one-towel rule

  • Junction-Guy

    Jeremy C---I find it to be just the opposite. Usually when a JW commits a major crime, the religious affiliation is not mentioned. But a Baptist or a Catholic, and its all over the news.

    Remember the Christian Longo murders? They whitewashed that story completely, didn't even mention he was a JW on the TV expose.

    But with that all said, I don't believe these were true JW's that committed this crime, but if it gives some negative publicity to the Watchtower, then I certainly won't hinder it.

  • AudeSapere

    is there help out there wrote: What is the one-towel rule
    At many district assemblies there was a 'sister' placed in each woman's restroom to hand out paper towels. Only one towel per person was permitted. On topic - when a religion places itself in higher regard than all others and engages in door-to-door work - they open themselves to greater scrutiny by the general public. While I doubt these two people are currently active and accepted JW's, I do believe that it is completely acceptable to cite their religious affiliation. JWs are the first to cite religion when it's a good report. The less-than-favorable report has to be provided to re-establish balance. -Aude.

  • Junction-Guy

    And the Watchtower is quick to point out when it is Christendom that has commited a crime too---So, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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