With two questions, i recieved two lies from some cart witnesses.

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    Brandnew- Perhaps you don't know the difference between lying and theocratic warfare

  • DwainBowman

    50+ years in, countless wt's read. Most of them, two days later, I would be hard pressed to tell you what's in one!

    Now if I were heading out in fs, a quick once over, would have refreshed my memory.

    After reading a few million of them, faking it is easy too!


  • oppostate

    funny thing about wt articles

    once you've read, studied and highlighted it

    you still forget the meaningless drivel

    no sooner than you put the mag in the bag

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    I lean strongly towards believing that the two JW's had not read the whole magazines, at least with a strong interest, but I still believe you don't offer much in terms of proving your statements.

    "... stumped?" ... Can you offer any details surrounding this assessment?

    "forgot exactly?"... Not a bad answer. Even if someone reads something thoroughly and pays attention to detail, it's practically impossible to remember exactly. Did you pursue the issue any further, or you just judge others as the governing body does, with no solid basis and allowing preconceived ideas to bias your judgment. Calling someone a liar is a strong statement.

  • ToesUp
    They are just there counting time. No real interest in preaching or people. They HAVE to do this to keep up appearances and keep their "friends."
  • Giordano

    Three reasons I stopped reading the WT back when I was in.

    What made them unreadable was the constant circle reasoning. They had the conclusion in mind before they figured out how to prove it.

    Cherry picking scripture was another problem............ without context one just had to accept their use of that scripture. I gave up trusting their reasoning and conclusion after I read a couple of paragraphs before and after each scripture. 'The Light gets brighter' was a perfect misappropriation of not only the verse but the entire Chapter.

    And finally............ that sickening inky smell coming off a newly printed WT. It started to effect me like cheap perfume......instant headache.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It would be a miracle if they read the study article in time for the WT study.

    In the "good ole days" when there were still subscriptions in the mail, you'd be astounded how many wrappers there would be in the cars in the KHall lot for the first time any mag was used in the WT Study. Many hadn't even removed the mag from the paper packaging sleeve until they got to the KHall.


  • antes8080

    have you read it?? NO!! but am getting my time in!!

  • Crazyguy

    The last few meetings I went to I would get up and walk to the back because my legs would fall asleep in those chairs., anyway I was shock in a congregation that seemed so into it and had such high meeting attendance how many wt's were not studied for the meeting.

    They truly are just stupid zombies being led around my thier noses

  • steve2

    Truly, our expectations are probably too high to expect the average JW to bother to read the articles. Let's set our expectations at a more reasonable level: Low.

    Now we can ask, "How many brain cells does it take to "read" all those large size lovely colorful pictures and photos in the magazines?"

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