With two questions, i recieved two lies from some cart witnesses.

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  • brandnew

    Today i walked up to a group of cart witnesses and picked up a watchtower. I opened the watchtower up to the first page , and asked one of the witnesses if he had read it.

    LIE # 1... he said he read it.

    I ask my second question to a woman witness sitting next to him , who by the way was hard to tear away from her cell phone....

    "Whats this watchtower about? , ".......

    LIE # 2 ... She said she read it , but forgot "EXACTLY" what the main points were about.

  • Awake at last
    Awake at last
    The mags are only half the size now and they still can't get around to reading them, or if they do they can't remember what was in them. Geez, it must be exciting reading......lifesaving too Lol
  • never a jw
    never a jw
    How did you prove they were lying, especially #1? Do you have something better than "I say so".
  • brandnew
    The first guy was stumped also when asked what the magazine was about.
  • smiddy

    That does not surprise me in the least .Especially with the younger generation.They know that whats in those mags. is nothing new they have heard it all over and over again .So they don`t believe they need to read the latest magazine , they have heard it all before.

    And of course they don`t think anyone is going to ask them such a pointed question .

    Well done brandnew , however what you should have done is drove home the point that they are peddling information in a publication they have no knowledge of whats in it.

    Embarrass them , guilt trip them ,expose them for their hypocrisy , maybe then they will start to question what they are actually doing.

    just my 2 cents worth.


  • steve2

    A fail safe stock answer a JW could give is: "The main article is promoting adherence to the brothers who give us food in due season and also promotes unity by ensuring we parrot this line about what's in the Watchtower. Anymore questions, you smart arse passerby".

  • stuckinarut2
    NO witness really reads the magazines right through.......
  • TheListener
    A lot of born in dubs that have reached late middle age or older do read the magazines all the way through. Don't ask me why
  • dozy
    Nothing has changed there. By and large most JWs don't read the Watchtower & Awake. When I was in I always used to quiz people in the congregation about what they thought of a specific article in the magazines & invariably they hadn't read it.
  • blondie

    I remember going door to door with an older jw and the homeowner asked, "Have you read this magazine?" The older jw paused and was asked, "what is the title," again no response. Man at door said, "then why should I" and handed back.

    The jws who did read are few and far between these days. It would be a miracle if they read the study article in time for the WT study.

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