Is this normal?!

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  • J-ex-W

    I used to write letters to get time in when I was physically unable to do the door to door work. However, unlike the letter writers I'm seeing described above, I believed the brothers who said this was "a loving arrangement from Jehovah" which enabled me to still have a fuller share in the ministry, to the extent that I was able. My letters were sincere and not [as I believed it then] time-wasters. It's also how they wrap up the territory work, after sweeping through three times to try to reach every householder in person.

  • LisaAnn

    I was one of those weirdos that loved to write letters!

    Pioneering meant lots of NHs- very boring. I used to enjoy rounding out my 90 hours by actually expressing myself in a letter (I didn't copy them, each one was original). I liked to think that some lonely or grieving person might read one and feel better. <sigh> Guess I was a dreamer...

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