Is this normal?!

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  • Lo

    I'm one of those ones who drifted away before getting to heavily in...thank God...but upon arrival in my new house I found a letter, a HAND WRITTEN letter in my letterbox from a local witness saying they had called around a few times and no one had been in, had a special message etc etc and gave an address which is a kingdom hall should the residents wish to contact her. is it usual to write such a long hand written letter?? i think it's a bit strange. or maybe that's how they roll now?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Just some pioneer or perhaps elderly publisher trying to get their time in. If you hand write it instead of typing it, you can draw the letter out to an hour. Recycle it!

  • free2think

    That does sound really strange, not like anything i've ever heard of....but then i havent been out on the min for a few years. Maybe a pioneer was short of hours and thought let me put letters in to houses...........

  • Mandette

    Probably afraid of computer demons........but not demons in the pens!!! Or has been pioneering so long that there's no extra cash for even a used typewriter.....



  • AudeSapere

    I worked full time and while I was regular pioneering. Toward the end of my 2-year stint, I started writing letters.

    MANY were written. A few were sent.

    I wrote very, very neatly while watching tv. Each letter took about 30-60 minutes. What a waste!! I could have been playing solitaire instead.


  • still_in74

    i remember hearing about sisters typing letters years ago, they would type with 1 finger so it would take longer. Then type out dozens of letters.

    I guess a photocopier didnt waste enough time.................

  • WTWizard

    Possibly, someone that used to be a witless lived there before. Or, they think you will go back now that you have moved (sometimes they find out where you are moving to, and will pull that crap when you are moving so you will be hounded back before you can settle in).

    I would treat it as suspicious.

  • funkyderek

    It's quite unusual but it's a very creative way to count time, which is the most important thing for JWs, especially their ironically-named "pioneers". As well as wasting time calling to empty houses, this enterprising individual wasted several more hours handwriting letters that nobody would want to read. All the time spent in this pointless activity can be counted, and as the reporting of hours has long since ceased to be about collecting useful information about JWs preaching work, but has become an end in itself, this sort of absurd behaviour is increasingly common amongst JWs.

  • Pahpa

    I had a call this afternoon from a Jehovah's Witness. Since my wife and I live in a private retirement community JWs can not make regular house-to-house calls here. So, we get an occasional phone call. And I've had some interesting discussions with the callers over the years. More often than not, it was an elderly person that called. Undoubtedly, it was one way to "count time."

    It should be noted, though, that unless the letter that was left in the mail box had been mailed with proper postage, the person leaving it was technically breaking the law. When I was still associated, we were instructed never to put the literature in a mail box. We could leave it in the doors or wait to make later contact. Unless the law has changed, this would still be an illegal use of the mail box.

  • VanillaMocha73

    My mom and her friends get together to do this once a week - they are disabled and can't do the door to door anymore. We got a letter once - something about the Trinity and not believing in a three-headed God.... I carefully replied with the dream letter - practically inviting a study - then found out it was my mom who sic'd them on my husband. Anyway, the sister was practically drooling over the potential study until my mom said who I was. She was going to write back until the magical word "disfellowshipped" came into play.

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