Catch Phrases Witnesses use to Keep You Controlled through Fear and Guilt

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  • flipper

    Reading Steve Hassan's books has brought to mind the many ways Jehovah's Witnesses use fear and guilt catch phrases to keep the rank and file members from leaving the cult and gaining their freedom. See if you recognize some of these and if they produce fear or guilt.

    1. " You have to keep up with the latest truths or you'll be left behind if you don't keep up with Jehovah's organization and new light ."

    Translation : You won't be acceptable or spiritual if you don't do your personal study and keep up with new understandings . Guilt .

    2. " If you are not advancing spiritually , ie, pioneering, ministerial servant, or elder - you are regressing and going backwards . "

    Translation : You will be considered a weak , unacceptable publisher who others will avoid if you don't " advance " spiritually. Guilt.

    3. " We as Jehovah's servants are a privileged and special people chosen to be saved into the paradise. "

    Translation : If you are not a Jehovah's Witness you aren't privileged and special and won't be saved into the paradise. Fear.

    4. " We have to follow the faithful and discreet slave as appointed as Jehovah's spokesman, even if we don't understand . "

    Translation : You have to believe the " faithful slave " is Jehovah's spokesman or you will be disapproved. Fear.

    5. " If anybody talks negatively about the organization - the attacks are coming from Satan. "

    Translation : Anything you hear about the organization , don't believe it, they are lies inspired by Satan. Fear .

    So these are a few " catch phrases " that come to my mind regarding the use of fear and guilt to prevent rank and file members from leaving the JW religion. Do you have some more to add to the list ? I invite each of you to add some you have heard as well. The more we make anybody aware of the tricky " catch phrases "- then by people being informed - hopefully they can avoid being sucked into the mind control cult that is Jehovah's Witnesses. As always- I look forward to your comments. Peace out to all and free thinking to all, Mr. Flipper

  • Mandette

    A big one that always got me was "age of accountability". That's what my Dad used when I misbehaved at a meeting.(when I was 7-8 yrs old) That I was old enough to know better and that I could be destroyed at Armaggedon based on my own merit.

    I still have a vivid memory of crying jags on that one.


  • Gopher

    "If anyone leaves the organization, it's because of bad heart motives."

    Translation: You're a superior person for staying here. However, you'd beter not leave or else all manner of suspicion will be cast upon you.

  • sammielee24

    Fear and guilt are used to control the masses - beit from religion or politics. I see so many direct parallels between the Bush speeches and brainwashing from cults that it could make you spin if you think about it too long. sammieswife.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    How can you leave Jehovah?

    Don't you know Armageddon is coming soon?

  • Amha·’aret

    "Stay within the fold"

    "The world outside"

    "Satan's wicked world"

    "The spirit of the world"

    All of the above have the notion of this nice warm comforting place with people who love you vs a cold, evil short-lived world where everyone is selfish, greedy, immoral and about to die. What a warped and excessively negative view they have of this place we all call home!

    Hubby Gladring and I met a witness couple over the weekend. They were special pioneers for many years but have settled and had 3 kids, all now teenagers. Gladring said to me after, did you notice how everything they said about the kids and their life in general seemed like such a chore? They believe that this life is a temporary struggle that has to be endured til the next, better one comes along. So there is little if any enjoyment in their lives. How sad for them and their kids!

    There are loads more phrases but i can't think of any off-hand. I'll post them later if i can think of any.

    Interesting thread.

  • Amha·’aret

    Me again! Just thought of some more.

    "love for jehovah will move us to do out utmost in his precious ministry"

    If you aren't feeling tired, stressed and worn out then you aren't doing enough and you don't love god very much. ie do more, do more DO MORE!!! - Major guilt trip coupled with a lowering of self-esteem which makes one more likely to stay in an abusive relationship/religion.

    Any personality flaw can be fixed thru prayer and a couple of old WT articles. And if not, then you don't have enough faith or aren't praying hard enough. - Again guilt and self--loathing too

  • greendawn

    "Bringing reproach to jehovah's name", hey you are entering into conflict with someone really powerful so better desist which means do as we tell you.

    The whole jehovah image that they project is calculated to be frightening and oppressive and lo and behold if you go against the FDS you are going against that severe and vindictive jehovah image. That negative god image is of course in direct conflict with the loving god projected by the gospel. The JW old testament god is far too quick to anger and thus very convenient for their manipulation strategies.

    Note also how everything revolves around jehovah and not Christ. By resisting the fds you become an enemy of jehovah or by defying his wishes you incur jehovah's displeasure. But who cares, jehovah is the god of judaism not of christianity.

  • mary stewart
    mary stewart

    WOW! my mum uses #5. she thinks you guys are guided by satan! said she'd kick me out if i become an apostate. my god she's so manipulated. then again, she's easy to manipulate. i hate how she uses guilt trips on me in general. ad yes, she has mantal probs and needs the medication she can't afford cos she's unemployed and my dad is retired. my life really sucks! but i'm happiersince leavig the WTS!

  • StAnn

    Not to hijack the thread but....

    The JW who studied with my mother back in the 1960's and, hence, ruined the lives of hundreds of people, was named Mary Stewart.


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