Parental Control

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  • yknot

    I will PM you this years DC release..... it is in Ted's "Obey My Every Command Book" "Keep Yourself in God's Love"

    It is in the appendex under "How to Treat a Disfellowshipped Person"

    But has zingers like this one: " Is strict avoidance really necessary? Yes, for several reasons. "

    aaahhh can you feel the love!

  • MissingLink

    I kind of agree with Dawg. You can keep your mouth shut and let them think that you're humbly hearing their council and you're too embarrassed about your mistakes to say anything. Or you can tell them that things have to change. Put THEM on the defensive. THEY are the ones screwing things up.

  • yknot


    Boys versus girls

    Testerone= confront

    Estrogen= relate

    Every JW is on their own little path, he is writing and is in dereliction of orders and he is a PO COTBOE. I say work with what you got and whatever opportunities arise. When confronted many run for the hills as if the Roman Army had surrounded the city! If you work with relating life as a whole then a relationship is buitl or restablished and it is harder to let go on the whim of Ted.

    Simmer down boys, Dad is acting like one of you anyways......better to soothe this beast then to to battle it....wars are not always won with brut strentgh, occassionally they are negotiated over compromise....

    Kisses from Team Girl!

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake


    I don't think I've really been keeping my mouth shut. I've voiced that I just happen to have different beliefs than them and I respect them for their beliefs even if I don't agree with them. It's expected that I should not be extended the same courtesy because they are told NOT to extend me that courtesy.

    If I put them on the defensive, I'm risking them considering me an apostate, and breaking off all communication.

    I don't want that, no matter how silly they are.

  • dawg

    That's pretty much it then, but you did start this thread telling us how hurt they made you... Best of luck, if you ever find out the magic wand to wave and make this foolishness go away will you please tell me what it is?

    I don't know the answer either.... LOL!

  • Quandry

    Nancy, you said:

    I know that they believe what they believe SO intensely that they feel they REALLY NEED to treat me the way they do. I respect their choices, and I KNOW they do not respect mine, but I know that they are trained to react that way. It is understandable that they would have no choice but to believe that their way is the only way...after all, they have given up their children for it! Their consciences wouldn't allow them to believe anything else!

    You are very mature. You realize that they are doing what they think is best to "bring you back into the fold." I was just like them until a few short years ago. If I was still "in" I am sure I would be doing the same thing they are.

    Since you and your folks still contact each other, there is hope. They are being a teensy bit disobedient for sending you there are cracks in the armor.

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