Speaking of depression ...

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  • dawg

    Man, I know what you mean, I was suicidal when I first discovered the real truth about the WT... we all know the implications of leaving. Losing loved ones, friends, and the like-that's depressing as hell.

    No one can tell you what to do, only you know that... but my guess is you'll eventually do as any sane person would do and stop tormenting yourself by being the person you really are. Its torture to not be true to yourself. That is what drives you to the breaking point; that coupled with the overwhelming evidence that the religion is shit and founded on lies. Those two things eventually weigh you down to the point you have to do something... I think for each one of us it's different because of the overwhelming thoughts plaguing our minds of the things we have to give up, some have more at risk, like kids and such...

    But it don't matter, you'll eventually give... in some way. I wish you the best man, I really do... its a tough road ahead, and I envy you not, but its better on the other side. It takes awhile, but freedom is exhilarating, you get better in the end.

    I hope it works out for you and you suffer little from it, and all your family gets out of this nonsense. Best of luck friend... Huff

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Great post dawg!


  • oompa

    save your kids and yourself.....dammit it hurts......and boy does it all suck....in same boat with you, but i am out, wife and kid in........it sucks........oompa

    i have managed to save one kid

  • redredrose

    No one can tell you what you need to do, we can only speak from our own opinions and experiences.

    I can see that you are in a no win situation right now, if I read correctly you feel paralyzed.

    I have suffered from depression for 40 years and I can only speak from my own experience. Seeing a psychologist helped me tremendously in learning different, less self defeating ways to think. He also helped me see the uses of medication in perspective. It is true that there are two basic types of depression, chemical imbalance and situational. In the case of chemical imbalance, it is easy to see that medication simply evens out that imbalance. For situational depression, medication can help in two ways; first, situational depression over time can cause a chemical imbalance and again, medication can even that imbalance out, next situational depression can be helped by medication at least temporarily because it can relieve the depression thereby enabling you to feel better and giving you the emotional and physical energy to make some changes in your life.

    Depression is a soul sucking black hole, and I found it impossible to do anything about my life until the medication let me feel good enough to think and act.

    Please get help from a professional and if they recommend medication, consider it seriously.

    In my case with the help of counseling and medication, I have been able to make real changes in many areas of my life and I am at the point of being able to go it without medication, even after 40 years.

    I truly hope you find what you need.

  • shamus100

    If I can just throw in my .02 cents here, please see a psychologist first and resist the urge to medicate on the advice of a family doctor. Medication is a quick-fix. We get depressed for a reason - be it chemical or situational, as the previous poster stated. Yours sounds situational. Fix your situation, and your depression will go away too.

    My depression went away after I realized that there isn't any god, and my daily shame ended. As dawg said, be true to yourself.

    When my depression faded, the medication kept me in a daze for years, affecting my short-term memory to this day. It took me years to get off that shit!

    Find a doctor that believes in psychology and medication combined. They are out there.

    Good luck buddy.

  • LisaRose

    I agree with most everyone that seeing a professional would be helpfull. Just because your feel depressed about your situation, does not mean that medication and/or therapy would not help. You have boxed yourself in, and see only two options 1) leaving and lossing your family and friends or 2) staying stuck in the life of a JW. There may be other options for you, that only you can figure out with therapy. I have suffered from depression for years. It's an ongoing fight. I find extra b vitamins, sunshine and excercise helps me to think better and be more positive. Once you are thinking better, you may find a compromise you and your family can live with. Obviously, it's a delicate situation, you don't want to move to fast, and only you know your particular situation. I lived with a DF mate for 25 years, so leaving the org is not necessarily the end of the marriage. You need help to work through these issues

  • oompa

    way to go redrose! yours was prob more situational and you were stuck in it...so the depression lasted....glad you are doing better....me too a bit........oomps

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