what does the 11/2008 WT say about rounding up faders?

by halcyon 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • chickpea

    If we come across an inactive publisher in the territory, we should inform the elders so that they can render needed assistance .

    when i finally shake the dust of this burg off my feet...
    AS IF i would ever identify myself as a JW to anyone
    ever again..... ESP if they are cold calling at the door!!!!

    as if..... it is too ridiculous to imagine!

  • shamus100
    inactive jws are not represented by the unsuitable fish that are destroyed.

    Cancel my subscription to your resurrection.

    Could you imagine being alive after armageddon, with those nitwits? How would one go about saying.... "yeah,,,, there's been a mistake. I um haven't been a jw for many years... can you kill me please, because I'd rather be dead than live with you guys. No offense or anything..."

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