what does the 11/2008 WT say about rounding up faders?

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  • halcyon

    I read this in another post, and since i haven't been reading WT for years, and if there was an original post I didnt' see it. I'm scared. Are they officially coming after long-time faders now?

    please provide a link to where this was discussed. ..

  • blondie


    Actually it is not in the 11/08 WT but is said to be in the new book, discussed above. I get no vibes that anything new will be done to inactive jws. Also this week's WT study article has a clear statement that inactive jws are not represented by the unsuitable fish that are destroyed.

    Actually every spring the WTS has an article in the KM like this one:

    *** km 2/07 p. 8 Do Not Forget Those Who Are Inactive ***


    Are you acquainted with anyone who has become inactive? Perhaps he has stopped associating with the congregation and has drifted away. You may have contacted such a person while engaging in the house-to-house ministry. We must keep in mind that the individual continues to be our spiritual brother. We want to confirm our love for him and help him to return to the congregation and to ‘the shepherd and overseer of our souls.’—1 Pet. 2:25.


    DemonstrateInterest: A brief telephone call or visit may assure one who has become inactive that we have not forgotten him. What could we say? We may be encouraging by simply letting the person know that we were thinking of him. Keep the conversation positive and upbuilding. (Phil. 4:8) We might mention a point that we enjoyed from a recent meeting. We could also invite him to an upcoming meeting or assembly and offer to save him a seat or provide transportation.


    A sister who had been inactive for more than 20 years was found in the territory. Although she was unwilling to accept a Bible study, the sister who found her called back, leaving the current magazines. After the district convention, the publisher shared some convention highlights with the inactive sister, and eventually she was reactivated.


    WhenSomeoneReturns: When an inactive brother begins coming back to the meetings, how should we treat him? Well, how did Jesus treat his disciples after they had temporarily abandoned him? He warmly referred to them as his "brothers" and showed confidence in them. He even gave them an important assignment. (Matt. 28:10, 18, 19) Shortly thereafter, they were busy declaring the good news "without letup."—Acts 5:42.


    Before offering to study the Bible with someone who has become inactive or before inviting a brother who has been inactive a long time to accompany us in the ministry, we should seek direction from the elders. If we come across an inactive publisher in the territory, we should inform the elders so that they can render needed assistance.


    As the Bible clearly shows, only those who run the course to the finish will receive salvation. (Matt. 24:13) Therefore, take note of those who may have stumbled or drifted away. If we patiently reflect Jehovah’s love by demonstrating sincere interest in such ones, we may experience the joy of seeing them resume their sacred service alongside us.—Luke 15:4-10.
  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    It is in everyone's best interest that they LMTFA.

  • LDH
    We must keep in mind that the individual continues to be our spiritual brother.


    The inactive one clearly wishes to be inactive. The WBTS has identified that person as still a JW; a spiritual brother.

  • WTWizard

    We'll see come next February or March when they start rounding up everyone that is inactive, dragging them to the Kingdumb Hells, and attempting to get them back to regular field circus with initiatory force, threats of force, and/or fraud. Hopefully it will have about as much success as last spring's REJECT Jesus Party Waste of Paper Distribution Campaign did--none.

  • jookbeard

    Seems strange that nothing could be found in recent WT's or the summer convention re lease's , I can only presume the recent talks from a recent C/A must have hinted to this, and maybe the speaker slightly digressed from the outline, perhaps a G/B member may have given this talk? Sounds similar to Fred Franz's discourse just after 1975 where he blamed the r and f for the failure of his own mistake, but it appears they want to make some ground on removing faders, another theory is that if C/O's are being scaled down, then removing faders makes the city oversear or whatever replacement comes in, a task is removed from their grasp

  • drwtsn32

    Hmmm..why aren't there any cited scriptures for paragraph 5? It's like they just make up the elder stuff on a whim. ;)

  • Veronipony

    They need their every salesperson, the "inactive" are not selling anything, they're not doing works for savior or anything (even if they are christians and have been telling the gospel,not WT gospel,that is). They show they think they're entitled to all, active or inactive, does it matter the criteria the unbiblical WT Society has set up for the sheep? No, they think the powers is theirs, even if an imagined spiritual way, a total scam and a lie covered by sudden niceness to these sheep they've always viewed negatively. So now they're really important and deserving of the club's love. What a show this cult puts on, they planned this,its just a strategy. We know they don't care, and they are never letting go of their salespeople, so this is one of their desperate straws to draw more in.

  • moomanchu
    We must keep in mind that the individual continues to be our spiritual brother.

    If we need to control the individual then they are our brother.

    If we need something the individual has money, talent, skill ect. then they are our brother.

    If the individual does something that makes the WT look bad,

    weeeeeeeeeeeeell they were really never our brother or a JW.

    Yay WT can't lose yay yay !!!

  • Quandry

    If we come across an inactive publisher in the territory, we should inform the elders so that they can render needed assistance.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.....

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