Did you feel euphoric at conventions? Anyone go to Dodger Stadium?

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    My first recollections of Dodger Stadium were sitting in the Stadium Club with my mom. Since my dad was working in the Spanish Kitchen, she had access to that place. Inside was a huge stuffed polar bear. I remember the conventions going into the night, but only vaguely. Most of my conventions after this were in Amarillo, TX. Yuck!

    I loved the old days. As someone else said they were seemed free and real. A few ears ago I went to Long Beach, and walked around the grounds. I was in shorts and a t-shirt, and when I was asked about my presensein that state of dress, I simpl replied that I had already had my convention, and that I was in southern California on vacation. I told the elder that when I saw all the brothers and sisters, I just wanted to see the kingdom joy that we as Jehovah's people have when we are together. He bought it and left me alone. I was shocked that I could fall backj into the mindless mantras with little effort. However, I digress. At this convention I was struck by the total control that the Societ now has on the R&F. There were none of the smiling faces that I remember from my teenage years. There seemed to be no conversation going on, and this was during the lunch break. What a change.

  • LisaRose

    I used to kind of enjoy the conventions at Doger, but I never felt any euphoria. It was kind of neat with the food tents and I remember getting old gold candy bars once, kind of cool. You did kind of feel like you were part of something. After I got older and had kids it was just a big drag. I had to ride a bus each day from Ventura, it was hotter than heck, and there I sat, sweating and hot with two little kids, bored out of my mind. My last few conventions were at Cow Palace, at least you wen't in the sun, but what a dank, ugly building. And it seemed like the talks got more and more boring. Nothing but guilt, guilt, guilt. Finally just couldn't go any more, it was too depressing.

  • watson

    Those old 60's conventions were something else altogether from today's "mantra" gatherings.

    3 meals a day, snack bars(pizza, burritos) 9:30 AM to 9PM, 6 to 7 days, live orchestras....that was cool, kids were actually encouraged to learn an instrument, because, you never know, you might be chosen to play "Dodger Stadium." Sunburned during the day, shivering at night. Franz, Knorr, anticipation, '75 just around the corner.

    Dodger Stadium, 1969, 117,000 on Sunday afternoon. A sea of umbrellas!

  • Save My Soul
    Save My Soul

    I was on the assembly one year. Larry Grahmn was the chairman. I used too LOVE Dodger stadium. As a kid I thought, "If I had a $20 bill from everyone here.....".

    I was an attended on the yellow level every year. It was soo cool. At Long Beach, there is always a concert going on. LB Jazz festival or the Blue's Festival.........I stopped going to assemblies years ago. It was crowded and hot in Long Beach.

  • Warlock

    I also loved the D.C.'s at Dodger.

    Always a seat available and you didn't have to bring your own food.


  • Dagney
    Dodger Stadium, 1969, 117,000 on Sunday afternoon. A sea of umbrellas!

    Wow! Was there that many there?

    Did anybody get a snow cone at the third base, blue level stand from a blond long haired 13 year old girl?

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