CAN A JW have indirect links with babylon the great?

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  • badboy

    any ideas?

  • Honesty

    I don't know about individual JW's but the Watchtower Society maintained a direct link to Babble On the Grape for about 9 years while they were affiliated with the United Nations.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    This is really a thin line to tread. But I am going to say that NO, not even indirect links are allowed.

    My father in law has been a baptized jw for over 50 years. His stand on btg is Hellno do nothing with her.

    Two Examples:

    1) His wife (The abusive and hypocritical bitch pioneer I have written about before) goes every week to get free bread from the local church. They don't eat that much bread and they don't need to get free bread because they earn enough to buy their own food. All this dumbass is doing is freezing dozens and dozens of loaves of bread that could go to really needy families. My FIL and their boe have all told her that going to btg for food is like going to btg for spiritual food.

    2) Same man, my father in law was doing some work at a kingdom hall on a hot day when he was in his teens. Well, he got very thirsty and could find no water....not even a spigot or faucet outside the hall. So he went across the street to the Catholic Church and opened the spigot and drank from the hose. When he returned to his work at the hall the elder in charge asked him where he had gone. He told him that he went across to the Church for some water. The idiot elder said, "So I guess this means that the waters flowing from Babylon The Great are all good." He made my fil feel one inch tall and guilted him so bad that to this day he won't even look at a church as he walks or drives by.

    I know a lot of other rabid jw's that feel just like this.

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    People do what they want. You can justify just about any indirect business with them. It's all been done.

    Several of my clients are ministers in other religions. That goes for many JWs with businesses.

  • blondie

    The WTS rented Yankee Stadium which was in part owned by a Catholic organization.

    True or false: Between 1962 and 1971, Rice University owned two stadiums with seating capacities of more than 65,000: Rice Stadium in Houston, and Yankee Stadium in New York.

    Today's answer: True. Yes, true. Rice Stadium was built in 1950. But that, of course, is not the real story here. Seems that Rice alumnus John Williams Cox in 1955 became the owner of Yankee Stadium, selling the grounds to the Knights of Columbus but, in 1962, donating ownership of the structure itself to his alma mater “lock, stock and barrel.” According to a 1998 story in the Rice Thresher, the school newspaper: “In March of 1971, the City of New York exercised its right of eminent domain, acquiring Yankee Stadium through condemnation hearings with the intention of remodeling the venue. Rice received $2.5 million in compensation from the Big Apple, relinquishing all ownership and rights to the City of New York, the stadium's current owner.”

    1953 On December 17th the Order purchases the land on which Yankee Stadium is located for $2.5 million and leases it back at $182,000 per year for 28 years with three renewable terms of 15 years at $125,000 per year.
  • greendawn

    If the WTS pushes the idea that their members can not associate this is something without any validity because they certainly cooperated with what they call Babylon the great ie false religion, which to them is all religion besides their own (how massively arrogant this is), in the case of Jim Swaggart whom they supported in court in order to help save some tax money. Even worse they allied themselves through Cesnur with numerous other unsavoury occultic organisations eg the Mormons, Ramtha's school of ancient wisdom and the New Agers in order to promote their common interests in Europe. Once more they showed that money is all they care about.

  • Maddie

    They are babylon the great!!!!!!!!

  • NewYork44M

    You can, as an outstanding witness, be working for a Church affiliated hospital. But you can't work for the church.

  • james_woods

    My feeling is that unless you really drove yourself insane over this issue, it would be pretty hard to even know if you had some kind of "lateral" or "indirect" link to some church-related organization.

    And the point is a moot one, as was pointed out above - the WTS cared not a bit about going to court with Swaggart himself to try to avoid paying sales tax on their precious literature.

  • badboy

    ubm,what that?

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